Intervenants Sup de Luxe

Sup de Luxe’s speakers

The Sup de Luxe ecosystem combines high-level professors and professionals to prepare students for the workplace and to immerge them in the world of luxury right from their studies.

Who are Sup de Luxe’s speakers?

Since the creation of the Institute, more than 10,000 luxury professionals have met with students through conferences, seminars, workshops and theses.

  • Alain Quillet

    Alain Quillet

    President of the Comité Montaigne and mentor of the MSc Fashion & Luxury Business

  • Alice Darmon

    Alice Darmon

    Consultant in marketing, start-ups and food industry

  • Anna Stervinou

    Anna Stervinou

    Consultant on social innovation and sustainable development

  • Annie-Paule Quéré

    Annie-Paule Quéré

    Consultant in brand identity and branding strategies, Founder of L'Atelier de la Marque

  • Catherine Blot

    Catherine Blot

    Retail Specialist

  • Céline Gainsburg-Rey

    Céline Gainsburg-Rey

    Brand Developpment Consultant

  • Christophe Maincourt

    Christophe Maincourt

    Expert and consultant

  • Corine Cohen

    Corine Cohen

    Permanent professor at EDC Paris Business School

  • Cynthia Illouz

    Cynthia Illouz

    Professor at EDC Paris Business School, expert in sponsorship, CSR, social entrepreneurship and luxury

  • Delphine Schwartzbrod

    Delphine Schwartzbrod

    Expert in Human Resources

  • Alessandro Diani Simona Riva

    Alessandro Diani & Simona Riva

    Diani Riva

  • Dominique Cuvillier

    Dominique Cuvillier


  • Dominique Harnois

    Dominique Harnois

    Founder of the Académie du Luxe and expert in gemology

  • Ghalia Boustani

    Ghalia Boustani

    Senior retail consultant, published author and visiting lecturer

  • Hélène Chenesseau

    Hélène Chenesseau

    Marketing and management expert

  • Michel Dalonneau

    Michel Dalonneau

    Expert for the firm Itinéraires Interculturels

  • Laurent Delporte

    Laurent Delporte

    Editorialist and eExpert hotel sector strategist

  • Emmanuelle Hoffmann

    Emmanuelle Hoffmann

    Lawyer specialising in intellectual property law

  • Thierry Laborde

    Thierry Laborde

    Consultant, coach and trainer in leadership and business effectiveness

  • Philippe Lichtfus

    Philippe Lichtfus

    Etiquette & protocol trainer for public institutions and the luxury and excellence industries

  • Marie-France Malonga

    Marie-France Malonga

    Media sociologist, PhD in information and communication sciences

  • Isabelle Mocquant

    Isabelle Mocquant

    Consultant and facilitator in innovative project management

  • Kathy O’Meny

    Kathy O’Meny

    Founder ABC Luxe

  • Guillaume Olivié

    Guillaume Olivié

    Consultant, teacher-researcher and founder of LuxuryMetry

  • Jean-Pierre Richard

    Jean-Pierre Richard

    Advisor to the Manpower Group Foundation

  • Sabine Salats

    Sabine Salats

    Career guidance and transition coach, and recruitment consultant specialising in the luxury sector

  • Geneviève Tour

    Geneviève Tour

    Expert and passionate about customer relations

  • Muriel Wormser

    Muriel Wormser

    Marketing expert