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MSc in Fashion and Luxury Business
08 | 02 | 22
Why an MSc in Fashion and Luxury Business is Worth Pursuing in 2022
If you’ve been considering a career in the luxury fashion industry, 2022 may just be the perfect time to commit to your future. A Master’s degree in the field will bring you a number of exciting...
msc in luxury brand management
20 | 01 | 22
How an MSc in Luxury Brand Management Can Prepare You for a Global Career
Luxury brand management is a specialized sector of the fashion industry that deals with high-end companies and their business ventures. It involves the interaction of creative design, business, and...
luxury school in paris
05 | 01 | 22
Considering a Luxury School in Paris? 3 Ways You Can Build a Global Network During Your Degree
Networking opportunities are incredibly valuable for students and graduates seeking growth and work experience. Like many industries, luxury business thrives on these networks—connecting passionate,...
Classement bachelor luxe 2022
10 | 12 | 21
Bachelor Luxe: No. 1 in the 2021/2022 ranking of the best Bachelor's degrees in Luxury
Sup de Luxe's Bachelor's degree in Luxury is again this year, for the fourth consecutive time, in first place in the Best Bachelor's degree in Luxury ranking, thus confirming the excellence of its...
Cyrine Khalfaoui
07 | 12 | 21
Alumni Portrait - Cyrine Khalfaoui, Place du Beau
Cyrine Khalfaoui is a graduate of our MBA Luxury Brand Marketing & International Management. This year, she launched her own company: Place du Beau. She tells us about her journey. 1. Tell us...
Rachel Lévèque
22 | 11 | 21
Student portrait - Rachel Lévêque
Rachel Lévêque is a Bachelor 2 student at Sup de Luxe, but also the founder and editor-in-chief of L'Intemporel, the magazine created by and for the school's students. She tells us about her...
luxury school in Paris
15 | 11 | 21
3 Skills You'll Gain with an MSc in Fashion & Luxury Business
An MSc in Fashion & Luxury Business is designed to prepare students for managerial positions in the luxury sector. The essence of luxury fashion is the perfect marriage of management, art,...
yamina bouali
09 | 11 | 21
Alumni Portrait - Yamina Bouali, Mena Miya
Graduated of our MBA Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management, Yamina Bouali launched her brand: Mena Miya. She tells us about her journey. Tell us about your experience at Sup de Luxe....
MBA in Luxury Management
28 | 09 | 21
Considering an MBA in Luxury Management? The Importance of Experiential Marketing for Luxury Brands
In today’s marketing landscape, customer experience is becoming more important than ever. This is particularly the case in the world of luxury brands. Here, clients are investing in the product as...
MBA in Luxury Management
31 | 08 | 21
Earn Your Degree From Home Through an Online MBA in Luxury Management
An MBA in Luxury Management is designed for students looking to establish a management career within the luxury sector. Companies dealing with luxury products are always looking for skilled...