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06 | 02 | 23
Education to work in the perfume industry
Promoting mythical fragrances, evolving in the world of luxury and fragrances... Many candidates want to join the prestigious world of perfumery and perfume. Between targeted knowledge, necessary...
06 | 02 | 23
How to get into luxury real estate?
Spectacular views, high quality materials, detailed finishes and sophisticated designs, luxury real estate is an exclusive environment that encompasses a variety of sectors and ever increasing...
23 | 01 | 23
How to make a fashion portfolio for the luxury industry?
The portfolio is the key tool for presenting your work at an interview in the luxury, fashion and, of course, art industries. Here is everything you need to know to create an impactful and memorable...
16 | 01 | 23
Seaside tourism: another type of luxury tourism
Sun, fine sandy beaches, crystal clear waters... A cocktail that seems to have proved its worth since seaside tourism represents the largest share of summer leisure activities. Indeed, coasts and...
05 | 12 | 22
The Sup de Luxe MBA ranked 5th in the world's best Masters in Luxury Management!
Le MBA Luxury Brand Marketing & International Management de Sup de Luxe est classé 5ème des meilleurs masters MONDE 2022 en Luxury Management ! Sur 50 écoles, nous sommes la 1ère française à être...
09 | 11 | 22
What are the top women's perfume brands?
Perfume is the showpiece of luxury brands and is one of the most consumed luxury products in the world. Floral, woody, sweet, opulent or natural, each juice has its own identity. Aimed at...
04 | 11 | 22
History of luxury
Radiance, ostentation, magnificence, refinement, abundance... so many adjectives that qualify and define the notion of luxury and its universe. But do you know the history of luxury in France? What...
02 | 11 | 22
Wine tourism, the latest luxury
If there is one thing that governs our relationship with luxury, it is the notion of experience: immersive, educational, original or personalised, all the institutions linked to luxury are sensitive...
C’est quoi le management de l’art ? - Sculpture
27 | 09 | 22
What is art management?
What is art management?Every year, thousands of works of art are exchanged at auctions or during exhibitions in galleries around the world. With a market worth 8 billion euros worldwide, including...
top 10 magazines mode luxe - vogue cover
19 | 09 | 22
Top 10 luxury fashion magazines
Luxury fashion magazines have been considered for years as influential information diffusion tools and have the undeniable advantage of making readers interact and create real communities, especially...