Spectacular views, high quality materials, detailed finishes and sophisticated designs, luxury real estate is an exclusive environment that encompasses a variety of sectors and ever increasing opportunities. Here's an overview of this prestigious sector and advice on how to get into it.


What is luxury real estate?

Luxury real estate is a sector of the real estate market that includes high-end properties such as luxury houses, luxury flats, luxury hotels, holiday properties, etc. High quality services and exceptional features such as location, size, quality of finish, high end facilities, views, environment and security. Due to the amount of work these properties require, prices are usually very high and are reserved for a targeted clientele.


How to become a luxury estate agent?

A luxury estate agent is a professional who specialises in the sale and rental of high-end properties. The work of a luxury estate agent is demanding as it can include frequent travel to view properties, complex negotiations and sometimes irregular working hours. However, it offers high rewards and can also be very rewarding for those who enjoy working with high-end clients and are passionate about the property market and the luxury sector.


Here are some tips for becoming a luxury real estate agent:

  • Obtain training and certification in real estate
  • Develop a network of contacts in the luxury sector
  • Have a thorough knowledge of the luxury real estate market
  • Provide excellent customer service and build a solid reputation
  • Partner with leading companies in the luxury real estate industry
  • Maintain close relationships with luxury property owners and potential buyers


Ideal for mastering the specificities of luxury and market developments, Sup de Luxe offers the Entrepreneurship & Luxury specialisation within the MBA Luxury Brand Marketing & International Management. This course aims to prepare future entrepreneurs to identify opportunities to develop their business, to lead a project and a team, to create value and to demonstrate creativity and innovation. These are qualities and skills that are necessary for people who want to enter the luxury real estate industry.


Skills required to enter luxury real estate

To work in luxury real estate, you need a thorough knowledge of the local and national property market and a good understanding of the needs and expectations of wealthy clients. It is also possible to offer advice on property investments, decoration and renovations. Some of the skills required to enter the luxury property market include:

  • In-depth knowledge of the local property market and trends

  • Marketing: Knowledge of marketing strategies to promote luxury properties.

  • Strong negotiation and communication skills

  • Ability to build and maintain high level client relationships

  • Ability to manage client expectations and find creative solutions to problems

  • Legal knowledge: Knowledge of relevant real estate laws and regulations to successfully manage transactions.

  • Networking: Have a strong network and develop relationships with real estate agents, brokers, lawyers, etc.