MSc Food & Wine International Management

The MSc Food and Wine International Management is designed to enable you to apprehend, understand and master the specific universe of the gourmet food industry and its current evolutions.

October 2021
Full time
1 or 2 year(s)

MSc Food and Wine International Management



A few years after the success of Sup de Goût promotions, Sup de Luxe decided to relaunch its flagship program.


"The talent of the great chefs and wine growers, the influence linked to their know-how, the quality of their products are no longer just an art. It's a real 'business' in full development". said Alain-Dominique Perrin already in 2010.


This quote is even truer today that the sector is undergoing major changes and evolutions in which young people are interested.




The MSc Food and Wine International Management is designed to enable you to apprehend, understand and master the specific universe of the gourmet food industry and its current evolutions.

This program combines gastronomic and oenological know-how with sales, marketing, communication and global distribution techniques and is a key player in higher education.


"Defend the image of France but know the taste of foreigners"  Florence and Daniel Cathiard, owners of Château Smith Haut Laffite


The MSc Food & Wine International Management course is designed to :

- Transmit all the necessary skills to future professionals in the marketing, sales and distribution of these high-end products in France and abroad.

- To constitute a pool of young executives and entrepreneurs for the food industry, gastronomy, wines and spirits, but also the hotel and restaurant business.


"This program is a fundamental idea and an absolute necessity" Thierry Desseauve Wine journalist


Why joining the MSc Food & Wine International Management?

Our Master of Science is made for you if:

  • You aspire to take up a managerial role in the intriguing field of wine, food and related industries
  • You want to discover how to be successful in the wine, food and gastronomy businesses
  • You want the opportunity to interact with international leaders in these sectors
  • You need to be more specialized in order to progress in your career
  • You are ready for the challenge of a specialized and intense business programme
  • You are inspired by France’s cultural heritage and Excellence in these sectors


Program in the process of Master of Science labeling by the "Conférence des Grandes Ecoles"


Program’s rationale & goal

Wine, Food the French gastronomy constitute an ever-changing ecosystem, a fragmented industry, a complex yet fascinating one. To gain an understanding of the product and the marketplace it’s necessary to have solid technical bases, but also to be able to develop an holistic vision of management (Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain, Strategy…).



Semester 1
  • Ethics and corporate social responsibility
  • Entrepreneurship ecosystem
  • Corporate finance
  • Strategic diagnosis
  • Management information system and project management
  • Self-actualization
  • International finance and risk management
  • End of studies thesis
  • Career development
Semester 2
  • Digitization of the international luxury world
  • Organization of a global luxury event
  • Marketing strategy 
  • Merchandising
  • Communication plan 
  • Advanced law for international organizations



3 types of courses:

  • Management courses applied to Wine, food and gastronomy industries
  • Wine, food and gastronomy industry courses
  • Personal and Career development



To give a cultural, social and economic approach to food production and consumption in history and in the world.

  • Weight of food industries in the world (by sector and country)
  • Presentation of sector activities (oenology, food industries ...)
  • Main players in the sector worldwide
  • Cultures and tastes / national traditions and standardization of tastes
  • French identity: history of the terroir and typical products
  • Gastronomic tourism, literature and gastronomic press, food iconography
  • French regional kitchens
  • French wines
  • Wines and alcohols of the world
  • World cuisines (China, Italy, Japan, Spain, Brazil, India etc.)


  • To master the techniques and know-how necessary for the good development of gastronomic companies and the export of their products.
  • Manage with a strategic vision of international business
  • Learn strategies for conquering foreign or global markets
  • Strategy of gastronomic companies
  • Marketing and merchandising of gastronomic products
  • Distribution of gastronomic products
  • Consumers and customers
  • New Experiential Places
  • Sale of gastronomic products
  • International trade of gastronomic products
  • Logistics and transport of gastronomic products
  • The quality
  • Communication and advertising of gastronomic products
  • Study of the competition


  • Law
  • To give future managers the necessary legal knowledge by insisting on the specific requirements of the sector, particularly because of health rules and counterfeiting.
  • Management / Finance
  • Understand and master the different financial aspects of the company

Grands Témoins CONFERENCES

  • Meetings with experts and professionals who come to tell their experiences: top chefs, CEOs, journalists, entrepreneurs, headhunters, etc. (see presentation)


  • Around gastronomic and oenological products, visits of production units, trade shows, study trip in the region ... (see presentation)


  • Missions entrusted by companies in the sector
  • Case studies (strategy, marketing, export...)


  • Around a problematic of a sector or a project of creation or development of a company.



Learning Model

  • Our Master of Science requires a full-time commitment. The lecture calendar includes morning and afternoon sessions, plus on certain days the lectures will extend into the evening.
  • Your learning is guaranteed by an advanced and participatory teaching method that includes lectures, exercises, problem-based learning cases, field projects, corporate visits & seminars and guest speaker sessions.
  • The program will consist of theoretical courses, lectures and internship or job.
  • The methods of evaluation are : Continuous, partial and dissertation.


This program leads to a range of business skills, in order to hold positions as :

  • Brand manager, Product manager…
  • Area manager, Department manager, Brand ambassador, Product and Business developer…
  • Buyer, Category manager...
  • Public Relations, Events manager...
  • Marketing director for a food or wine brand / a gastronomic caterer
  • Director of food and beverage service in hotel/palace
  • International business developer or area managers for food or wine  or gastronomic caterer brands
  • Department manager for a specialized retailer
  • Category manager for food or wine or gastronomic caterer brands
  • Director of wine brand/house
  • Ecotourism or gastronomic marketing/event manager


Some alumni have created their own companies such as Christophe Brucker with a new concept of wine tasting and sales in Bordeaux or Alienor de Menthière with Appart Gourmand Paris. Others have specialized in consulting in the food industry or wines and spirits.



  • A 3-year bachelor’s degree in any field from a recognized university with strong academic performance or a 4-year bachelor’s degree to enter the second year
  • A good command of English
  • No prior knowledge of French is needed; however French language classes are mandatory for non-French speakers as part of the program.


Selection Process

  • A selection committee examines the application file considering the candidate's qualifications and professional experience.
  • If the application submission is judged satisfactory, candidates undergo a face-to-face interview or remotely. The interview lasts about 30 minutes is based on a typical job interview.
  • Successful candidates will be admitted based on the application package and the interview.


Selection Timeline

  • The selection process is ongoing yearlong.
  • Applications are examined on a rolling basis and, given the high number of applications, those received much in advance of the deadline have a greater chance of being admitted. Therefore, it is in your best interest to submit your application as early as possible.

*Tuition fees :

 French and international students :

  • 33.000€ for two years
  • 20.000€ for the second year alone

The rate indicated is subject to deductions according to the terms of payment.