Luxury Sessions

Sup de Luxe, a reference for 30 years in the field of luxury, puts its expertise and know-how at the service of the creation of short programs. The professors, speakers and researchers of Sup de Luxe accompany you to develop your skills and make you a luxury expert.

July 2023October/November 2023
Courses and study cases
From €1,350
3 weeks

Sup de Luxe's Luxury Sessions allow you to approach and decipher the world of luxury and its environment by reflecting current events and its future. The objectives of the programme are to introduce you or complete your knowledge and skills in the world of luxury.


The programme is conducted in the form of courses based on an adapted pedagogical approach and case studies. A particular attention is paid to conducting a 360 degree reflection on the issues raised. The courses are structured around 6 modules and their content responds to the needs and values of the sector in a constantly changing world. It is possible to choose one or more modules, so that you can adapt the programme according to your knowledge and desires.

These 6 short programmes are taught by experts in the sector who regularly lecture at Sup de Luxe.


Educational objectives :

  • Understand the history, origins and culture of luxury
  • Design, implement and lead a marketing and communication plan according to the specificity of the luxury market and its clientele
  • Know the evolution of the luxury market and the art market
  • Implement a 360 degree marketing strategy based on customer experience
  • Know the initiatives of luxury brands in terms of global performance, economy, societal and environmental
  • Lead an innovative luxury project from design to development


This programme allow you to complete your ECTS credits: each of the modules consists of 15 hours and represents 2.5 ETCS credits. Each week, youcan validate 2 modules, therefore 5 ECTS credits.


Classes will be held on the La Défense campus (74-80 rue Roque de Fillol, 92800 Puteaux).

If you have a disability, please visit our Accessibility page.


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 Last update: September 2022


The Luxury Sessions are structured around 6 modules as follows :


1- History of luxury and its environment

  • History of luxury through the centuries, the emergence of brands and the evolution of sectors
  • Culture and the fundamentals of luxury


2- The evolution of marketing and communication of luxury products and services

  • From "accessible" luxury to "ultra-luxury"
  • Branding
  • From luxury to tech luxury: the exponential importance of digital
  • Social networks: real areas of expression for brands and communities of Internet users
  • Influencers
  • NFT and brand strategies


3- Luxury and creation

  • An increasingly thin border between Art and Luxury…
  • Craftsmanship, beauty and rarity and the new symbolism of collaborations
  • Explanation of a creative process
  • Artistic crafts 


4- Luxury customer experience

  • From product marketing to customer marketing
  • Gen Z, Y and Alpha
  • The emergence and confirmation of unique experiences
  • Extreme personalization programs


5- Luxury and sustainable development

  • Luxury and sustainability: a synergy or an antinomy?
  • Brands and the ecological footprint (Stella McCartney…)
  • The circular economy
  • Respect for biodiversity


6- Entrepreneurship in luxury

  • Environmental analysis, market study and marketing mix
  • Analysis of financing needs, legal and fiscal form


Evaluation methods

The programme takes place in the form of pedagogical courses and case studies. Particular attention is given to a 360 degree reflection on the issues raised. The final grade includes the presentation of a personal project and active participation during the course of the module.


Admission requirements

You can integrate the Luxury Sessions to complete your ECTS credits: 

  • French and foreign candidates holding at least a third-year university level diploma
  • English B2 level minimum

Admission is based on a motivation interview.

Application deadline: Up to the first day of the programme except for students applying for a visa, for whom the application must be made 8 weeks before the intake.

Tuition fees

  • 1,350 Euros for 1 module
  • 2,500 Euros for 2 modules
  • 6,600 Euros for 6 modules