Ambassadeurs Sup de Luxe

Sup de Luxe’s Ambassadors

A group of motivated and committed students to represent the Institute and its values.

What is an ambassador?

A student ambassador represents the Institute at events: fairs, forums, open days, testimonials, etc.

What is the role of an ambassador?

As a student ambassador, you voluntarily commit to participating in the active life of Sup de Luxe. In particular, you will be present at Open Days, student fairs and forums, conferences and testimonials, etc. Your role is multiple:

  • Promote Sup de Luxe, its global training offer, in particular your programme/curriculum
  • Pass on your knowledge and testify to your study path at Sup de Luxe
  • Inform and guide future students in their choice of course
  • Answer any questions future students and their parents may have
  • Ask for help from an admissions advisor if the student wishes or if you do not know how to answer

Who can become an ambassador?

You can become a Sup de Luxe student ambassador if you:

  • Are a Sup de Luxe student in initial or cooperative training
  • Have availability on weekends (often Saturdays)
  • Are willing to share your experience with future students and their parents
  • Are dynamic and enthusiastic
  • Want to make the most of your student experience, expand your network and gain experience

To join the Sup de Luxe Ambassadors team, please contact Ms Mélody Le Meur, Marketing and Communication Manager, at [email protected]

Sup de Luxe’s Ambassadors

This section is under construction and will aim to promote the profiles of the student ambassadors, to allow interested people to contact them directly to ask any kind of questions about the Institute and its programmes.