MBA Online - Luxury Management in the Digital Age

The online MBA Luxury Management in the Digital Age trains professionals to provide a vision of change and adaptation to the new socioeconomic environment within companies in the luxury sector.

May 2023November 2023
12 months

Online MBA in Luxury Management in the Digital Age 


The Online MBA Luxury Management aims to train professionals so that they may provide a vision of change and adaptation to the new socioeconomic environment within companies in the luxury sector.


This distance learning program allow students to :

  • Study while being professionaly active
  • Access and benefit from the best teachers of the luxury industry
  • Collaborate and interact with students from all over the world


They will be able to:

  • Demonstrate expertise concerning the characteristics of the sector
  • Define the realistic and objective positioning of a brand and build the story that will enable it to reach the established objective
  • Respect the keys of the differentiating tradition of the luxury sector, incorporating the tools, methodologies and processes of the digital age
  • Lead the transformation of organizations to face new projects and entrepreneurial challenges




  • Number of students: 21
  • Satisfaction rate: 5/5
  • Integration rate: 100%
  • Dropout rate: 0.99%
  • Return rate to the survey: 100%

(source: satisfaction and insertion surveys conducted in 2022 by the school)


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Last update: September 2022


1. New consumers of Luxury

  • Once Creators, they became Brands: a Contemporary history of Luxury Brands.
  • The industrial revolution: perfume, cosmetics and accessories
  • The great shift of the Luxury Industry, the 90s
  • Who are the new consumers of Luxury?
  • Intercultural Management


2. Developing a Luxury Brand: Branding, Identity & Creativity  

  • Brand management equity, Brand Image
  • Brand stretching and Brand alliance
  • Luxury brand management specific challenges


3. Experiential Marketing

  • Designing customer journey, Brand Ambassadors,
  • Sensorial Marketing, Immersive Marketing, Theatralization, digitalization of the retail Brick&Mortar
  • Cross-channel customer journey, digital experiences


4. Managing a luxury company

  • The Financial Guideline: Operating Costs and Profits
  • Price Positioning Strategy


5. Launching a Luxury Brand in the Digital World I

  • Understanding the importance of social networks:
  • web-marketing,
  • communication,
  • e-commerce.
  • new retail


6. Distribution Strategies: the right mix between Channels

  • Understanding the importance of inter-cultural contexts and local specificities.
  • Evolution of distribution modes: selective distribution, retail, distribution, e-commerce…


7. Luxury legal issues

  • Laws & Specific legal regulations applicable to the luxury sector


8. Talent development & Management

  • Change Management
  • Leader’s toolbox
  • Recruiting & developing people
  • Conflict handling - Reaching agreement


9. Launching a Luxury Brand in the Digital World II

  • CRM
  • Internet monitoring and business intelligence. 
  • Uses Case & sectorial analysis


10. Considering the new Sustainable and Social responsibility issues of the Luxury industry

  • From Sustainable Development to Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Specifics of sustainability related to the luxury industry
  • New luxury consumer and new luxury marketplaces


11. Final project

The ambition of the Final Project is the proposition of a digital strategy of a new or existing brand. It can be a BtoB or BtoC brand, in any sector of the luxury/premium industry. The final project consists in a team project : « Alone we go faster but together we go further »


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Learning model

  • The program will consist of theoretical courses, individual and group work.
  • The methods of evaluation are : Continuous and annual project.

This program is a source of high-potential profiles for luxury companies: enabling them to find graduates ready to start in business development, digital marketing or similar jobs and develop a long-term career in their firm.

Admission requirements

It is possible to enter the program with at least 4 years of higher education or 3 years and professional experience.


Candidates profile

The Online MBA Luxury Management is aimed at managers, professionals and executives in the luxury sector who wish to acquire a new vision of management oriented to the digital environment of business.


Selection process

  • Pre-selection from the application file
  • Convocation to an individual interview with a jury of professionals of the sector

The selection process continues throughout the year


Tuition fees

 French and international students :

  • €11,000€

The price indicated is subject to deductions according to the terms of payment.


Application deadline: Up to the first day of the programme except for students applying for a visa, for whom the application must be made 8 weeks before the intake.


For more information, please contact us at the Admissions number at the bottom of our website, or by filling out a contact form.