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Online MBA - Luxury Management in the Digital Age

Our Online MBA provides an insight into the constant evolution of digital technology in the luxury sector. This one-year programme is the perfect choice for those looking for a career change or to explore new academic avenues.

  • Online
  • 11300€
  • May 2024 - Nov. 2024
  • 1 year
  • EN

Online MBA - Digital Luxury

Programme overview

In a world where luxury is no longer measured solely by material opulence, but by the immersive and personalised experience offered to consumers, this MBA is aimed at those seeking to master the subtle intricacies of this new ecosystem. The luxury sector, once steeped in tradition, is evolving at an accelerating pace under the disruptive influence of digital, transforming purchasing behaviour, customer interactions and redefining standards of excellence.

This programme represents an opportunity for luxury professionals to arm themselves with essential digital skills, understand the new nuances of the market, and become visionary leaders in an industry undergoing constant metamorphosis.

Why join the Online MBA course?

Teaching methods and strengths of the programme

The Online MBA - Luxury Management in the Digital Age is particularly suitable for working professionals and international students who are unable to attend face-to-face classes. The course is taught by videoconference once a week and entirely in English. To ensure that you benefit from an interactive and engaging experience, we recommend that you follow the live lessons as much as possible, although participants have the opportunity to revisit the lessons in case of difficulty or to consolidate their understanding.

The structure of the programme (lectures, individual and group work) ensures a rich and interactive online immersion, fostering the development of skills essential to understanding the constant evolution of digital in the luxury sector.

    • This online programme, taught 100% in English, welcomes an international audience, encouraging enriching cultural diversity and offering a global perspective on the luxury sector.
    • Designed for working professionals, the online format offers unparalleled flexibility, enabling students to combine their professional lives with their studies (1 single class of 2 hours maximum per week).
    • Each module is led by a dedicated teacher, encouraging in-depth discussions on each topic covered.
    • A coach dedicated to monitoring the annual project (2 hours per month) to ensure that the team is making progress and that all members are on board.

    • The courses offer direct interaction with the lecturer and other participants, while the possibility of replaying the lessons ensures an in-depth understanding of the topics covered.

    • The final project enables practical application of the knowledge acquired and encourages links and interactivity between participants, promoting a holistic approach to e-learning

MBA Online's Luxury & Digital programme

10 key themes taught in the language of international business
Educational goals

The aim of the programme is to enable participants in the Online MBA - Luxury Management in the Digital Age to acquire solid digital skills in order to become professionals capable of providing a fresh vision of change and adapting to the digital evolution of the luxury and premium sector.

  • 1 - Demonstrate expertise in the characteristics of the luxury sector
  • 2 - Define the realistic and objective positioning of a brand and build the story that will enable it to achieve this objective
  • 3 - Respect the keys to the differentiating tradition of the Luxury sector, integrating the tools, methodologies and processes of the digital age
  • 4 - Leading the digital transformation of organisations to meet new projects and entrepreneurial challenges
Assessment methods

Continuous assessment and an annual project are used to evaluate the skills acquired by participants throughout the course. The aim of the final project is to work as a team to propose a digital strategy for a new or existing brand. The brand may be BtoB or BtoC, in any sector of the luxury/premium sector.


  • Once Creators, they became Brands: a contemporary history of Luxury Brands
  • The industrial revolution: perfume, cosmetics and accessories
  • The great shift of the Luxury Industry, the 90s
  • Who are the new consumers of Luxury ?
  • Intercultural Management

  • Brand management equity, Brand Image
  • Brand stretching and Brand alliance
  • Luxury brand management specific challenges

  • Designing customer journey, Brand Ambassadors
  • Sensorial Marketing, Immersive Marketing, Theatralization, digitalization of the retail Brick&Mortar
  • Omnichannel customer journey, digital experiences

  • The Financial Guideline: Operating Costs and Profits
  • Price Positioning Strategy

  • Understanding the importance of social networks
  • Web-marketing
  • Communication
  • E-commerce
  • New retail

  • Understanding the importance of inter-cultural contexts and local specificities
  • Evolution of distribution modes: selective distribution, retail, distribution, e-commerce...

  • Laws & specific legal regulations applicable to the luxury sector

  • Change Management
  • Leader’s toolbox
  • Recruiting & developing people
  • Conflict handling
  • Reaching agreement

  • CRM
  • Internet monitoring and business intelligence
  • Uses case & sectorial analysis

  • From Sustainable Development to Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Specifics of sustainability related to the luxury industry
  • New luxury consumer and new luxury marketplaces


This programme delivers an academic certificate from Sup de Luxe x EDC Paris Business School.

Pace of training

The Online MBA - Luxury Management in the Digital Age offers perfect flexibility for internationals and professionals who want to balance personal and/or professional commitments with their studies.

Duration of the programme
  • 12 months (including summer holidays) with 1 course per week

Structure of the programme
  • 10 modules (1 module is made up of 1 to 2 hour courses and is spread over 4 weeks)

  • 1 final project

Key figures

According to an analysis of statistics carried out in 2023 by the Institute on the 27 students in the 2021-2022 intake of the MBA Online - Luxury Management in the Digital Age.

Success rate
Rate of professionals following the programme
Final project completion rate

Entrepreneurial projects that come to life at the end of the course

How to enrol in the Online MBA?

Programme prerequisites

To enrol in the Online MBA - Luxury Management in the Digital Age, you need to fulfil the following prerequisites:

  • At least 4 years' higher education or at least 3 years of professional experience
  • English at professional level (B2)


Application deadline: Up to the day the programme starts.

If you have a disability and would like to join us, you can find out more by visiting our accessibility page or by directly contacting our disability coordinator, Ms Clémentine de Goy Soulier.

What to do after the Online MBA in Digital Luxury Management?

The Online MBA - Luxury Management in the Digital Age is a source of high-potential profiles for luxury companies, enabling them to find graduates with skills in business development and digital marketing.

  • If you want to continue your studies after the Online MBA - Luxury Management in the Digital Age, you can! There are many institutions where you can specialise in a specific field (fashion, tourism, hospitality, gastronomy, etc.) or acquire more general, cross-disciplinary skills (finance, management, digital, CSR, etc.), whether through continuing education programmes, short programmes, other MBAs or MSc programmes. 

    If you have enjoyed the Sup de Luxe experience, you can join us in Paris for a few days or weeks and discover luxury à la française with your own eyes, thanks to our short Summer Trip and Luxury Sessions programmes, for example. Our advisors will be happy to guide and advise you.

    • Digital Marketing Director
    • Sustainable Development Project Manager
    • Founder of an online luxury start-up
    • Strategy Consultant for the Luxury Industry
    • Head of International Retail Strategy
    • Head of e-commerce for a luxury multinational
    • Customer Relations Manager
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