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métiers d'art
21 | 12 | 21

Arts and crafts : Expertise in the service of luxury

Embroidery, finishing, weaving, goldsmithing, setting... so many techniques and trades often in the shadows and yet are the beating heart of luxury. For many years, we only talked about the "little...
louis vuitton bagage connecté
06 | 12 | 21
Fashion, News

Luxury and traceability: what future for IoT?

More than a simple tool, traceability is an integral part of the logistics strategies of the luxury industry: fight against counterfeiting, simplification of inventories, but also and above all data...
Chloé pop-up
25 | 11 | 21
Fashion, News

Luxury: The great trend of ephemeral pop-ups

For a long time reserved for retail stores or young brands, pop-ups and other ephemeral stores are now an integral part of the DNA of luxury. Innovative concepts, product launches, visibility and...
Automobile de luxe et durabilité
02 | 11 | 21
News, Automotive

Luxury cars and sustainability: what are the challenges?

For a long time, luxury cars were considered fuel-hungry, polluting and incompatible with the notion of respect for the environment. Today, however, they seem to be trying to attract a clientele that...
07 | 10 | 21
Fashion, News

Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022: Analysis

After London, Milan, New York ... it is in Paris that the last shows of the Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2022 took place. With a lot of glitter, XXL volume and international celebrities, the city of...
Beyoncé et JAY- Z x Tiffany & Co.
27 | 09 | 21
Fashion, Food & Wine, News

Luxury and pop culture: A winning mix and match

From partnerships to exclusive collaborations, it is not new for luxury to flirt with diverse and varied universes, sometimes even opposite. However, accelerated by the pandemics, a need for...
NFT et luxe
31 | 08 | 21

NFT & luxury - The advantages of a growing system

It's impossible not to have heard about it. Closely linked to blockchain, NFTs have recently revolutionized the luxury and art market. At the height of digitalization, need for authenticity and new...
BNPL - Klarna
23 | 08 | 21
Fashion, News

« Buy Now, Pay Later » : a trend that is confirmed

Although customers have finally found their way back to physical stores, online sales sites continue to grow and try to build customer loyalty through targeted strategies. Illustration with "Buy Now...