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30 | 10 | 22
Jewellery, News

Jewellery: A time for exhibitions

The Grand Palais, the Musée d'Orsay, the Palace Museum of the Forbidden City... so many prestigious places devoted to art and culture that have recently hosted exhibitions of great jewellers, who...
30 | 09 | 22

Fashion and luxury: when brands bet on podcasts

Cartier, Dior, Gucci, Guerlain... the luxury houses seem to have spread the word. After cafés and restaurants, exhibitions and signature books, many brands are now opting for podcasts, the ideal...
30 | 08 | 22
Fashion, News

Luxury and loyalty: what strategy for VIP clients?

Preserving their image and offering an exceptional service is what is expected of a luxury house... But faced with the rise in power of e-commerce, how can they differentiate themselves and continue...
défilé croisière
26 | 08 | 22
Fashion, News

Cruise shows, a successful model

Cruise collections, Pre-Spring, Resort collection... Whatever their name, these highlights of the fashion calendar are more than ever in vogue. Between invitations to escape and creativity, powerful...
Guerlain - Vallée de la Millière
16 | 08 | 22

Luxury and sponsorship: the new ecological challenge

For several years now, the luxury sector has been investing in the fields of art and culture for a significant sharing of values. Numerous foundations, direct support and various promotions, if the...
Diamants synthétiques
13 | 06 | 22
Jewellery, News

Synthetic diamonds: an innovation in the spotlight

As the figurehead of many creations, sparkling on jewelry sets, king of engagement rings, the diamond has always been a stone highly prized by the jewelry industry. But, in recent years, the codes...
Massimo Bottura x Gucci
25 | 05 | 22
Food & Wine, News

Gastronomy: Chefs, the new ambassadors of luxury

Paul Pairet for Hublot, Massimo Bottura for Gucci, Christophe Michalak for Clarins, Philippe Etchebest for Land Rover or Jean-François Piège for Piaget... So many great chefs who join forces with...
02 | 05 | 22
Fashion, News

Flagship stores: Unique territories for luxury

Located on the world's most beautiful avenues, competing in terms of aesthetics and displaying signature designs, flagships stores, these emblematic boutiques, true flagships of luxury brands,...
watches and wonders
27 | 04 | 22
Jewellery, News, Jewellery

Watches and Wonders 2022 : Highlights and revelations

More than expected, the 2022 edition of Watches and Wonders in Geneva sounded like a return to the roots for the watch industry. With a rich program, international media, top conferences and...