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08 | 12 | 17

The Catherinettes parade of the Montaigne Committee

Sup de Luxe still as close as ever to the brands and Houses and their traditions.   The Montaigne Committee's Catherinettes parade with Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton and many others.   Thibaut de...
22 | 09 | 17

Chantal Roos... La grande Dame du Parfum

An exclusive interview with the Grand Dame du Parfum by and the famous magazine Forbes. Chantal Roos is a loyal friend of Sup de Luxe. His interview by Katya Pellegrino proves it...
11 | 09 | 12

The harvest of the Comité Montaigne

Organized every two years in September, the harvest is an opportunity for the many luxury brands on the avenue to welcome, in their sales areas, a great wine or champagne...   This year the harvest...