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porsche x olivier rousteing
26 | 04 | 21
Fashion, News, Automotive

Luxury at the era of co-branding

If luxury has never hidden its penchant for collaborations, the latest one has everything to please: Porsche x Olivier Rousteing, or the exclusive alliance of a car legend and a charismatic artistic...
mandarin oriental jumeira
19 | 04 | 21
Food & Wine, News

Gastronomy: between original mergers and know-how

If the health crisis has changed the face of many industries, the highly profitable restaurant sector must also renew itself and create new opportunities. Today, it is a question of new desires,...
30 | 03 | 21
Fashion, News

Luxury in the age of data

From big data to smart data, data has become the perfect tool for an industry where details and privileges are crucial. Wishlist sharing, connected watches, VIP social networks or private platforms...
vivienne westwood
25 | 03 | 21
Fashion, News

Fall Winter 2021-22 Fashion Week: What to remember?

Physical or digital fashion shows, the Fall-Winter 2021-22 Fashion Week is barely over and it's already time to take stock.Between slow down, innovation, positive energy, minimalism and a breath of...
transition viticole
12 | 03 | 21
Food & Wine, News

Organic and responsible: The wine transition

The desire for proximity, health, transparency and short circuits, for the last ten years or so and a collective awareness, many markets have been converging towards more responsible models. The wine...
16 | 02 | 21
Food & Wine, News

The transformation of French wine estates

Stroll in Solex, night in the middle of the vineyards or even initiation to ploughing on horseback... Forgotten the traditional visit and tasting, today French estates compete in inventiveness to...
realite augmentée
25 | 01 | 21
Fashion, News

Augmented Reality: The Promising New Luxury Challenge

New communication channels, promising alliances and daring collaborations, it is today through augmented reality (AR) that brands innovate to seduce their customers. Faced with new expectations,...
luxe relation client
15 | 01 | 21
Fashion, News

Luxury & customer relations: a necessary ambition

 If luxury has to meet many expectations, the customer relations sector is one of the most important. Indeed, beyond the act of buying, today's houses are seeking above all to become "destinations"...
18 | 12 | 20

Beauty: When luxury takes over the holistic trend

 Although the beauty sector (perfumery, cosmetics) is in perpetual motion, the trends for 2021 are clear in an already changing market.Ecological awareness, diversity and new technologies, the major...