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Bilan 2019
19 | 12 | 19

The unmissable events of 2019

Fashion, beauty, hotels, restaurants, tourism... In 2019, luxury has never been better. All its sectors are on the rise, thanks to an increasingly strong demand from a demanding clientele, but also...
Calendrier de l'avent
27 | 11 | 19

The magic of the Advent Calendars

It is the gift before the gifts, the surprise before the holidays.... What is it? What is it? The Advent calendar. True trend of the moment, all the brands, even the most prestigious ones, have their...
Tendances tourisme luxe
20 | 11 | 19

New trends in luxury tourism

Travel in first or business class, palaces or 4-star hotels, prestigious destinations.... Is this still the definition of luxury tourism today? Luxury can no longer be decreed, it obeys new rules....
Alain Ducasse
24 | 10 | 19

Gastronomic Outreach Award by Alain Ducasse

After Guy Savoy in 2018, it is now Alain Ducasse, three-star chef and grand chef of the Louis XV of Monaco, who receives the Prix du Rayonnement Gastronomique. A reward for an undeniable talent but...
Auteur: Alain Ducasse
Luxe vintage
24 | 09 | 19

Vintage luxury or a new ultra-dynamic market

Vintage is more than ever a real trend. Adopted for a long time by fashionistas, then today by millennials.... The most beautiful vintage pieces even appear on the red carpet worn by the stars!...
19 | 08 | 19

Rihanna creates her own brand within LVMH

First artist in the world to reach 100 million digital sales in the United States, one of the best-selling solo artists in the world, 251 million downloads and ringtones, making him the best-selling...
01 | 08 | 19
Food & Wine

First whisky born of artificial intelligence!

It is in Sweden that the Mackmyra distillery will create the event. This autumn, it is launching the world's first whisky created by Artificial Intelligence in collaboration with Microsoft and the...