Here is the opinion of the Sup de Luxe alumni:


Rocio emiliozzi - global
Rocio Emiliozzi
MBA Global 2018 - Events Coordinator at Quintessentially France

"My experience at Sup de Luxe has been very enriching, not only professionally, but also personally, meeting people from all over the world, discovering different cultures and meeting friends for life."


Echo DOU
Echo Dou
MBA Global 2016 - Co-Founder and Director at LA MAISON D'ECHO

"Paris is the symbol of luxury and coming to spend a year there was a dream! [...] I was seduced by Sup de Luxe's Global MBA - Luxury Brand Management, which presented itself as the indispensable training to understand luxury companies and to go through their doors."


Serena Antonios avis alumni
Serena Antonios
MBA Global 2019 – Fashion operator Heuritech

"We've met a number of experts in the field and we've kept in touch. I'd really like to continue making progress in this sector and why not become an entrepreneur."


Ralph Chami
Ralph Chami
MBA Global 2018 - Artistic Director Noble Panacea

"I had the opportunity to network with friends from all over the world and to meet teachers and professionals in the field. [...] What better place than the city of Paris to immerse oneself in this sector."

Pauline marcel alumna
Pauline Marcel
MBA Geneva 2016 - Founder Shareview

"My best memory? I am thinking of Alain-Dominique Perrin or Jean-Claude Biver who were very happy to share their experiences. Their global visions and their analyses of the luxury market, its evolutions and its stakes were very relevant and very instructive. [...] I was already familiar with the institute's good reputation in Paris. The local alumni network was important and the program was interesting, so I decided to go for it."

Jeremie colle Bachelor
Jéremie Colle
Bachelor Luxe 2019

"I need to blossom in a house that has history, a Sup de Luxe type house [...] I wanted to specialize in the world of luxury and be able to generate that Luxury DNA that we learn through the Sup de Luxe years."


Samy Qamar
Bachelor Luxe 2019 - Sales team Louis Vuitton

"I chose Sup de Luxe for the accompaniment, to have an exchange with our colleagues and our speakers [...] We have a lot of opportunities in luxury. You are contacted by a lot of houses that are often attracted by Sup de Luxe."


Carole Grouesy
Carole Grouesy
MBA 1997 - Consultant and Editorial Director of Attitude Luxe magazine

"My best memory is the conference of the guest speakers Jean-Louis Dumas, President of the Maison Hermès. Just meeting him was already great! [...] I also remember Michel Guten's words that struck me: "We have only one opportunity to make a good first impression."

Albane weber
Albane Weber
MBA 2019 - Marketing Manager Hylink Digital Solutions

"Sup de luxe allows a certain proximity between students and professionals, thus making possible constructive exchanges that allow students to be oriented in the right direction and to have a fair view of the market. [...] courses presented by professionals from the luxury sector who know what they are talking about, and Guest speakers lectures presented by essential pillars of this industry."

Bianca Bigeard
MBA 2007 - Founder Paris Secreta & Paris Beauty Week

"Sup de Luxe has brought me a lot in terms of theory and practice: all these visits and meetings with great professionals (Robert Lynx, Jean Castarède, Nicolas de Rabaudy, etc...) have nourished me for the rest of my career."

Anais Bordier
Anais Bordier
MBA - Brand Manager Jean Rousseau

"The subjects covered, the speakers and the brands studied during the year corresponded perfectly to our professional environment [...] meetings with other students and the multiplicity of profiles, some were returning to school like me, others were finishing their higher education."

Marine Monloubou
Marine Monloubou
MBA 2014 - Founder Les Jupons de Louison

"It was an enriching year with a lot of great encounters that allowed me to take the measure, as no other experience would have allowed me to do, of what the world of luxury represents and its formidable potential for influence and growth."

Alienor de Menthiere appart gourmand
Aliénor de Menthière
MBA 2013 - Co-founder Appart Gourmand

"I chose Sup de Luxe to have a global vision of the luxury sector and to learn from professionals in the sector [...] My best memories are the Guest speakers conferences in a global way because they are all more interesting one than the other."

Guillemette alumni
Guillemette Dormans
MBA 2005 - Founder Blossom Projects

"I met great teachers, great witnesses who I could never have approached without this school, and I kept in touch with great friends from the class... I finished third out of 80 with a Very Good grade."

Tatiana Troubetzkoy
Tatiana Troubetzkoy
MBA 2002 - Head of Communications, Digital & Brand Image Château Margaux

"The Sup de Luxe network is not negligible and all the trades are represented as well as the luxury hotel business, fine jewellery and wine, in this case for me today."

Tess Richard
Tess Richard
MBA 2019 Major - Commercial coordinator chez Veepee

"I did the bachelor's degree at Sup de Luxe and went on to do the MBA, so it's a nice continuity and a nice end to my studies." 

priscilla_berchon avis alumni
Prescilla Berchon
MBA 2002 - Vice Manager Boutique Chaumet Place Vendôme

" It personally opened all the doors of Luxury in Paris but also in London and Singapore. Connect with the alumni, we are delighted to welcome you and we have plenty of motivating positions to offer you."