Luxury Bachelor

The Bachelor’s degree in Luxury Business is the course that meets the needs of luxury brands for sales and marketing profiles, adapted to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

  • Full time / Work-study (3rd year) In-person
  • 10100€
  • January 2024 September 2024
  • 3 years or 2 years (if entering 2nd year) or 1 year (if entering 3rd year)
  • French
From €8,000 € for 1st year if intake in January only

Strengths of the programme

  1. This programme combines rigorous academic teaching of the fundamentals of business with technical disciplines in the luxury goods trade. It also gives importance to the transmission of know-how, artistic culture, art of living, behavioural techniques, multicultural awareness, etc.
  2. The Bachelor of Luxury constitutes three years of professional, generalist and sector-based training with several internships, the possibility of doing the programme in alternation* and numerous professional meetings
  3. It is the only course in business to benefit from such a professional environment
  4. Possibility of obtaining a double diploma certified as Bac+3 by the Ministry of Higher Education. By completing your 3rd year of the Bachelor's programme at EDC Paris Business School, you will obtain the Sup de Luxe diploma AND the Bachelor of Science in Management from EDC Paris Business School.

* Work-study in the 3rd year as of the start of the academic year 2023.

Educational objectives

  • Block 1: Implementing a development strategy
  • Block 2: Implementing a marketing strategy
  • Block 3: Managing development in project mode
  • Block 4: Managing a local and remote team on a long-term basis
  • Block 5: Distributing products/services

Learning methods

  • The programme comprises academic lectures, internships and subsequent reports.
  • Interactive learning methods. Students are expected to listen, contribute, work in groups, speak their minds, evaluate content/projects, develop their collaborative and collective intelligence and unleash their creativity.

Rhythm of the course

  • 1st year: Full-time
  • 2nd year: Full-time
  • 3rd year: Full-time or work-study format

The work study option allows students to combine practical training in a company with theoretical training in a training establishment. Popular with students and companies, this formula allows students to acquire a unique long-term experience as a real employee of a company.

The apprenticeship contract allows the learner to be exempted from school fees and to receive a salary.

Work-study schedule: 1 week at school and 3 weeks in the company

Start of the contract: Up to 1 month before the start of the course and during the year before mid-January (minimum duration of 6 months)

Monthly remuneration:

  • From 18 to 20 years old: 67% of the SMIC
  • From 21 to 25 years old: 78% of the SMIC

School attendance times are paid: any absence from work/school time may result in a salary deduction.


Graduates of the programme attain the professional title Responsable développement (Development Manager), certified level 6, NSF Codes 310, 312, registered in the RNCP on 20 July 2022, delivered by Formatives.

For anyone who joined the Bachelor's programme before 01/01/2023 and who will finish the course in full-time format, the professional title given is Chargé de marketing et promotion (Marketing and Promotion Specialist), certified level 6, Code NSF 312p, registered in the RNCP on 24 April 2020, delivered by Formatives.

Statistical data

  • Pass rate 2021: 94 %
  • Number of students: 271
  • Satisfaction score: 4,8/5
  • Graduate employment rate: 100%
  • Drop-out rate: 0,91%
  • Rate of response to feedback survey: 100%

Source: satisfaction and career advancement surveys conducted in 2022 by the institution.

Assessment methods

Different methods of assessment are used: continuous assessment, mid-term examinations and internship interviews.

Luxury Bachelor - Programme

A 3-year programme that gradually prepares students for careers in luxury business and marketing.

  • General knowledge - sectors
  • Clients in the luxury sector
  • Fundamental principles of sales and customer relationships
  • Communication
  • Introduction to marketing
  • Luxury marketing
  • International development of luxury brands
  • Introduction to law
  • Contemporary etiquette / soft skills
  • LV1 English
  • English for the Luxury sector
  • LV2 Chinese
  • Office tools
  • Writing techniques, tricks and tips
  • Career development seminar
  • Writing for professional purposes
  • 11 weeks of internships to discover the luxury retail profession and corporate culture

  • Luxury and digital technologies
  • Intercultural relations and the sociology of clients
  • Visual merchandising
  • CRM – Customer Relation Management
  • Online reputation
  • Customer experience marketing
  • Creativity and the evolution of trends in the luxury sector
  • Luxury brand law
  • Accounting
  • Office tools
  • LVA English
  • English for Luxury
  • LV2 Chinese
  • Recruitment and skills evaluation
  • Introduction to company management
  • Career development seminar
  • Choice of special subjects:
    • Food & Beverage
    • Fashion / Haute Couture / Accessories
  • 8 weeks of internships to learn more about careers in luxury retail

  • Career development workshop
  • LV1: English - preparation for TOEIC exam
  • LV2: Chinese
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Retail & Purchasing
  • Managing a profit centre
  • Strategic/operational marketing
  • Communication strategy/Hackathon
  • Employment law
  • Specialist modules
  • Introduction to HR management
  • Digital communication
  • Introduction to Photoshop/Illustrator
  • Choice of special subjects:
    • Perfume & Cosmetics
    • Watches & Jewellery
  • Students can choose between:
    • 3-to-6-month professional work placement in France or overseas
    • Work-study contract (apprenticeship) possible during the 3rd year

Job opportunities

  • Business development officer
  • Sales manager
  • Sales manager
  • Profit centre or business unit manager
  • Head of SME
  • Shop manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Marketing research / mission manager
  • Scripting / marketing content manager or digital content coordinator
  • Project manager in marketing / web marketing / digital marketing / e-CRM
  • Partnership manager
  • Networking manager
  • Telephone and multimedia promotion officer / point of sale / field promotion officer
  • Promotion manager
  • Operational / relationship marketing manager
  • Shop manager

Pursuing your studies

If you want to continue your studies after your Bachelor's degree in Luxury, it's possible! There are many establishments and universities where you can specialise in a specific field (luxury, fashion, tourism, hospitality, jewellery, etc.) or acquire more general, cross-disciplinary skills (communication, marketing, finance, management, digital, CSR, etc.). For example, subject to the necessary prerequisites, you can decide to study for a master's degree, a masters or an MBA, or even opt for a university exchange abroad to complete your course. To find out about all the options available to you after your degree, click here (in French).

If you have enjoyed the Sup de Luxe experience, you can join the MBA in Luxury Brand Marketing & International Management and choose one of its 3 specialisations (Digital Marketing, Sustainabality, Entrepreneurship). Our advisors will be happy to guide and advise you.

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