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Bachelor Luxury Business

A three-year immersive programme delivering a French State recognized-diploma, taught in French or English, with numerous professional encounters and the possibility of a work-study format training in 3rd year.

  • Initial or Work-Study
  • 180 ECTS
  • 10100€
  • Sept. 2024
  • FR or EN
Rentrée décalée en janvier 2025 pour les 1ère année January 2025 intake for 1st year only

Bachelor Luxury Business

Programme overview

At the heart of this comprehensive and immersive course, you will develop essential business, marketing and communication skills specifically adapted to the luxury sector. Thanks to our teaching staff of recognised professionals, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the foundations and core values of this business while developing the know-how and interpersonal skills that are essential in this demanding sector. Artistic culture, art of living, soft skills, multicultural openness... these are just some of the complementary skills that will enable you to make the difference on the job market.

Programme ranked No. 1 in France for the best Bachelor's degrees in luxury management by Eduniversal.

Why join the Bachelor Luxury Business?

Learning and strengths of the programme

Our Bachelor's degree is an immersive educational experience, combining theoretical courses, professional conferences, store tours and work placements in the finest luxury houses. Our interactive teaching approach encourages students to listen, actively participate, develop their collaborative and collective intelligence and unleash their creativity.

    • State-recognised RNCP level VI qualification
    • Programme ranked No. 1 among the best Bachelor's degrees in Luxury by Eduniversal since its creation
    • Training in English Track (new for 1st year students in September 2024)
    • Possibility of undertaking internships abroad (out of France)
    • Work-sutdy format available in 3rd year
    • Up to 21 months' work experience over 3 years
    • Career conferences led by Alumni
    • You can obtain a diploma recognised as Bac+3 (Bachelor's degree) by the French Ministry of Higher Education by completing your 3rd year of Bachelor's at EDC Paris Business School. You will then obtain the Sup de Luxe school diploma AND the Bachelor of Science en Management from EDC Paris Business School.

    N.B.: The student will follow all his 3rd year courses at EDC Paris Business School (campus located in Puteaux, France) and will be considered as a full EDC student (supervised by EDC pedagogy, will attend the EDC graduation ceremony, etc.).

Programme of the Bachelor Luxury Business

Three years specializing in luxury business and marketing
Educational goals

The aim of the program is to gradually prepare Bachelor Luxury Business students for careers in luxury business and marketing, through the acquisition of the following skill sets:

  • 1 - Implementing a development strategy
  • 2 - Implementing a marketing strategy
  • 3 - Project-based development management
  • 4 - Sustainable management of a team, both on-site and remotely
  • 5 - Distributing products/services
Assessment methods

Continuous assessments, mid-term exams and oral presentations of internships are used to evaluate student learning throughout the course.

Year 1

  • • General luxury culture (sectors and clients)
  • • Etiquette and savoir-vivre
  • • Professional culture workshops (oenology, food, gemmology)
  • • Introduction to marketing
  • • Communication
  • • Development of luxury brands internationally
  • • Fundamentals of sales and customer relationship
  • • Introduction to law
  • • Luxury English
  • • Business English
  • • TOEIC preparation
  • • Mandarin
  • • Career workshops
  • • Professional writing
  • • Business forums
  • • Methodology and writing games
  • • Office tools
  • • Industry conferences

  • • Creativity and evolving trends in the luxury sector
  • • Professional culture workshops (hospitality, fashion, gemmology)
  • • Intercultural and client sociology
  • • "Red Carpet" Conference
  • • Customer experience marketing & CRM
  • • Digital
  • • Visual merchandising
  • • Creating value in luxury hotels and destinations
  • • Introduction to management and business administration
  • • Law of luxury brands
  • • Accounting and management
  • • Logistics & Supply Chain
  • • Luxury English
  • • Business English
  • • TOEIC preparation
  • • Mandarin
  • • Career workshops
  • • E-reputation and digital document research
  • • Office tools
  • • Recruitment and skills assessment
  • • Industry conferences

  • • Professional culture workshops (high jewelry, perfumery...)
  • • Strategic and operational marketing
  • • Event marketing
  • • Media relations strategy
  • • Brand content
  • • Digital communication
  • • Visual merchandising
  • • Communication hackathon
  • • Introduction to human resources management
  • • Team management & organization
  • • Intercultural management
  • • Boutique management
  • • Strategic monitoring and market research
  • • Sales strategy
  • • E-commerce
  • • Retail & purchasing
  • • Social law
    • • TOEIC preparation
    • • Luxury English
    • • Mandarin
    • • Career workshops
    • • Adobe Suite initiation (Photoshop and Illustrator)
        Boutique friperie vêtements Luxe
        Year 1
        Store tours

        As part of the general luxury culture course, students are accompanied by their teacher off campus on 'store tours' to discover what makes Paris the capital of luxury.

        Chaussure de Luxe, Boucles d'oreilles, Vêtements
        Years 2 & 3
        Elective workshops

        The aim is to get students to work on a problem encountered by a luxury brand. For example, in 2022-2023, the students worked with Van Cleef & Arpels' École des Arts Joailliers to help it target foreign students, and supported the French perfume brand Roos & Roos in its communication strategy aimed at millennials.


        RNCP 6

        This programme prepares students for the title of Responsable développement (Development Manager), certified level 6, NSF Codes 310, 312, registered in the RNCP on 20 July 2022, delivered by Formatives.

        N.B.: For anyone who joined the Bachelor programme before 01/01/2023 and who completes the initial training cycle, the qualification awarded is that of Chargé de marketing et promotion (Marketing and Promotion Specialist), certified level 6, Code NSF 312p, registered in the RNCP on 24 April 2020, delivered by Formatives.

        Pace of the Bachelor Luxury Business

        A mix of theory and practice

        The Bachelor Luxury Business is a gradually professionalising course that allows you to accumulate up to 21 months of professional experience over 3 years!

        • PRACTICE
          • Intakes: September or January
          • Rhythm: Initial
          Retail careers discovery internship

          Starting in December and lasting 3 to 5 weeks, the aim is to discover the sales sector by being given several types of assignment (brand knowledge, shop management, sales scenario and techniques, after-sales service, etc.).

          Work environment discovery internship

          Starting in May and lasting a minimum of 8 weeks, the aim is to immerse yourself in the retail sector and take part in the projects of a luxury or premium brand.

        • PRACTICE
          • Intake: September
          • Rhythm: Initial
          Sales careers discovery internship

          A spring internship of at least 8 weeks to refine your career orientation and develop your knowledge and employability.

        • PRACTICE
          • Intake: September
          • Rhythm: Initial or work-study
          End-of-studies internship

          Starting in January and lasting 3 to 6 months, the aim is to apply the skills acquired during the entire course, working full-time in a company.


          Work-study (apprenticeship contract)

          The aim is to become more professional and get involved in long-term projects for a company, by working all year round for 3 weeks a month in the company.

        Key figures of the Bachelor Luxury Business

        According to an employment survey carried out by Formatives on the 84 students in the 2021-2022 class of the Bachelor Luxe programme, 6 months after graduation. 70.9% of students responded.

        Success rate
        Rate of graduates continuing their studies
        Rate of graduates working after their studies

        Job opportunities

        • Business development officer
        • Sales manager
        • Sales manager
        • Profit centre or business unit manager
        • Head of SME
        • Shop manager
        • Marketing manager
        • Marketing research / mission manager
        • Scripting / marketing content manager or digital content coordinator
        • Project manager in marketing / web marketing / digital marketing / e-CRM
        • Partnership manager
        • Networking manager
        • Telephone and multimedia promotion officer / point of sale / field promotion officer
        • Promotion manager
        • Operational / relationship marketing manager
        • Shop manager

        Pursuing your studies

        If you want to continue your studies after your Bachelor's degree in Luxury, it's possible! There are many establishments and universities where you can specialise in a specific field (luxury, fashion, tourism, hospitality, jewellery, etc.) or acquire more general, cross-disciplinary skills (communication, marketing, finance, management, digital, CSR, etc.). For example, subject to the necessary prerequisites, you can decide to study for a master's degree, a masters or an MBA, or even opt for a university exchange abroad to complete your course. To find out about all the options available to you after your degree, click here (in French).

        If you have enjoyed the Sup de Luxe experience, you can join the MBA in Luxury Brand Marketing & International Management and choose one of its 3 specialisations (Digital Marketing, Sustainabality, Entrepreneurship). Our advisors will be happy to guide and advise you.

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