The platform to find your student accommodation (*)

In partnership with Studapart, access hundreds of exclusive offers for periods of 1 to 24 months near your campus but also throughout France during your search for internship: studios, flatshares, rooms in private homes ... and benefit from a personalized support throughout your rental! 

From the rental file to the reservation of the accommodation, all the steps are done online. The rental file is simplified and in 100% digital format. You can also benefit from services after your reservation, such as home insurance. 


  • Current Students?

Log into the platform by clicking on “Tenant space” and use your school’s login credentials.

  • Future students?

Log into the platform by clicking on “Tenant space” and create an account by entering your personal email address and the enrolment key HOUSINGSDL. 

  • Student without any French guarantor? 

Thanks to the Studapart guarantee, Studapart is your guarantor for the whole duration of your rental. To be eligible, all you have to do is submit your ID and proof of admission on the platform.


(*) This platform is provided for free by the school. However, it’s entirely managed by STUDAPART company. For this reason, it shall not bind in anyway the school’s responsibility regarding the quality of the offers or the consequences that may result.



Our Partners

A few days ago, a new housing platform has been offered to you, to access thousands of accommodations : verified ads, secure and simple online reservation and guarantee taking-out!

As good news never come alone, our partner student residences also grant you benefits.



  • What benefits can you expect ? Firstly, you are offered a 25% discount on the application fees for the residences located in Ile-de-France, 50% on the administrative fees for the residences in the provinces. In addition, priority will be given to your application.

How does it work ? Find your accommodation at Indicate the name of the school when booking online. The closest residences to your campus are :

LE REMBRANDT      153 Avenue de Flandre                 75019 Paris

LE CONSUL                119 Boulevard Brune                     75014 Paris

LE MARECHAL                          119 Boulevard Brune                     75014 Paris

LE CASSIOPEE                          4 Allée Edgar Brandt                      92320 Chatillon

LE GOUVERNEUR   2 Rue Théophile Gautier               92120 Montrouge

LE GARIBALDI                          14 Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau  92130 Issy les Moulineaux

LE ROUSSEAU                          4 Place Jacques Madaule             92130 Issy les Moulineaux

LE VENDOME                           37 Rue de la Saussière                   92100 Boulogne Billancourt

LE CASTIGLIONE     25 Rue Auguste Perret                  92100 Boulogne Billancourt


Note that the Studelites network advises to book an accommodation on August 1st at the latest and rent it as early as September 1st. So you can be sure of getting an affordable rate, considering the demand for housing in Ile-de-France.



  •  What benefits can you expect ? You have priority access to the accommodations located in the residences in Ile-de-France. You can also use the housing transfer service within the Studea network at no additional cost. Finally, a €50 discount will be applied to the administrative fees for the signature of any one year minimum duration lease.
  • How does it work ? Send your housing application, indicating the name of the school, to the reservation centre or call it at +33 The closest residences to your campus are :

Paris Tessier                       13-27 Rue Gaston Tessier                                            75019 Paris 

Paris Curial                        12 rue Curial                                                               75019 Paris  

Buttes Chaumont                50 rue Petit                                                                  75019 Paris  

Jean Cocteau                    58 Avenue de la Porte des Poissonniers                       75018 Paris

Paris Davout                    35 Boulevard Davout                                                    75020 Paris

Pré-St -Gervais                30 Rue Jean Baptiste Semanaz                                     93310 Le Pré-Saint-Gervais

Bagnolet                          80 Rue Robespierre                                                       93170 Bagnolet

Vanves J Monnet             38 Rue Raymond Marcheron                                         92170 Vanves

Vanves Marcheron         26 Rue Raymond Marcheron                                          92170 Vanves

Vanves Bleuzen                27/33/35 Rue Jean Bleuzen                                          92170 Vanves

Issy 2                                35-37 Rue Rouget De Lisle                                         92130 Issy Les Moulineaux



  •  What benefit can you expect ? During the main season (from June 1st to August 31st of each year), you will have priority access to the apartments reserved for our students, if your housing application is received by Les Estudines network before July 10 and your rental contract starts no later than August 1st.

Outside of main season, you will have priority over available housing without any imposed date.

  • How does it work ? Reserve your accommodation directly at, indicating the name of the school. The closest residences to your campus are

Charles de Gaulle                                   139 Avenue Jean Lolive                 93500 Pantin

Descartes                                                  10-12 Rue Emile Reynaud            75019 Paris

Le Clos Saint Germain                          105 Rue de Bagnolet                      75020 Paris

Davout                                                       135 Boulevard Davout                  75020 Paris


In order to make sure about priority treatment, notify your housing application to both supervisors whose emails are and . Copy also to them your application and exchanges with reservation officers.



In addition to the thousands of accommodations listed at, you may also examine those offered at, our new partner. Their descriptions aim at providing a full information about the accommodations, thanks to pictures taken from different angles, detailed floor plans and even video tours.

To get a 25% discount on the booking fee from, enter SDP25 promocode on the payment page, at the end of the booking process.

See attached leaflet for further information.