Logement étudiant

Student housing support

Sup de Luxe provides its students with a housing assistance platform via Studapart to help them find accommodation in France or abroad.

The platform to find your student housing

In partnership with Studapart, access hundreds of exclusive offers for periods of 1 to 24 months near your campus but also throughout France when looking for an internship: studios, flatshares, rooms in private homes... and benefit from personalised support throughout your rental.

From the rental file to the booking of the accommodation, all the procedures are carried out online. The rental file is simplified and in 100% digital format. You can also benefit from services after your reservation, such as home insurance.


Log on to https://supdeluxe.studapart.com/, click on “Espace Locataire” and register with your school's login details.


Log on to  https://supdeluxe.studapart.com/ then create your account with your personal email address and the registration key provided by the school.


To rent your accommodation to Sup de Luxe students, place your ad on our dedicated platform https://supdeluxe.studapart.com/ and then click on "Espace Propriétaire".


1. Thanks to Studapart's guarantee, Studapart will act as your guarantor for the whole duration of your rental. To be eligible, you just have to deposit your identity card and your proof of admission on the platform.

2. Visale is a "guarantor": its role is to prove to a landlord that the tenant is covered, particularly in the event of unpaid rent. Its role is similar to that of the joint guarantor (or individual guarantor), but instead of being guaranteed by a relative, Action Logement guarantees the tenant. Visale is aimed at young people aged 18 to 30 (inclusive), entering private rental accommodation, whatever their situation. For students and work-study students, Visale is eligible regardless of the type of accommodation (private or social, contracted or not). More information on the French government website

Note: This platform is made available to you free of charge and is entirely managed by the STUDAPART company. For this reason, the school does not accept any responsibility for the quality of the offers or the consequences that may result from them.

Nos partenaires pour vous aider à trouver un logement étudiant

Student residences STUDELITES:

  • Advantages: you benefit from a 25% discount on the application fee for residences located in the Ile-de-France region, and 50% discount on the application fee for residences located outside the Paris region. In addition, your application will be treated as a priority.
  • Conditions: book your accommodation directly on www.studelites.com indicating the name of the school. The closest residences to your campus are:
    • LE REMBRANDT   153 Avenue de Flandre  75019 Paris
    • LE CONSUL  119 Boulevard Brune  75014 Paris
    • LE MARECHAL   119 Boulevard Brune  75014 Paris
    • LE CASSIOPEE  4 Allée Edgar Brandt  92320 Chatillon
    • LE GOUVERNEUR   2 Rue Théophile Gautier  92120 Montrouge
    • LE GARIBALDI   14 Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau  92130 Issy les Moulineaux
    • LE ROUSSEAU   4 Place Jacques Madaule  92130 Issy les Moulineaux
    • LE VENDOME   37 Rue de la Saussière  92100 Boulogne Billancourt
    • LE CASTIGLIONE  25 Rue Auguste Perret  92100 Boulogne Billancourt  

Remarks: To be sure to get an accommodation at an interesting rate in its residences in Paris and its suburbs, the Studelites network advises to book from August 1st for a rental from September 1st.

Student residences STUDEA

  • Advantages: you benefit from priority access to rental accommodation in the Ile de France residences. You will also be able to transfer your accommodation within the Studea network at no extra cost. Finally, a reduction of 50€ will be offered to you on the administrative fees for any signature of a rental contract of a minimum duration of one year.
  • How to apply: Send your request for accommodation to the central reservation office [email protected] or +33 The residences closest to your 2 campuses are:
    • Paris Tessier    13-27 Rue Gaston Tessier  75019 Paris
    • Paris Curial  12 rue Curial   75019 Paris
    • Buttes Chaumont   50 rue Petit   75019 Paris
    • Jean Cocteau  58 Avenue de la Porte des Poissonniers  75018 Paris
    • Paris Davout  35 Boulevard Davout  75020 Paris
    • Pré-St -Gervais  30 Rue Jean Baptiste Semanaz  93310 Le Pré-Saint-Gervais
    • Bagnolet  80 Rue Robespierre  93170 Bagnolet
    • Vanves J Monnet  38 Rue Raymond Marcheron  92170 Vanves
    • Vanves Marcheron   26 Rue Raymond Marcheron  92170 Vanves
    • Vanves Bleuzen  27/33/35 Rue Jean Bleuzen  92170 Vanves
    • Issy 2  35-37 Rue Rouget De Lisle  92130 Issy Les Moulineaux

Student residences LES ESTUDINES

  • Advantages: during the high season (from 1st June to 31st August each year), you will have priority access to the flats reserved for our students, only if your request for accommodation is received by the Estudines network before 10th July and your rental contract starts no later than the following 1st August. Outside the high season, you will have priority access to the available accommodation without date restrictions. 
  • Conditions: book your residence directly on https://www.estudines.com, indicating the name of the school. The residences closest to your 2 campuses are:
    • Charles de Gaulle  139 Avenue Jean Lolive  93500 Pantin
    • Descartes  10-12 Rue Emile Reynaud  75019 Paris
    • Le Clos Saint Germain  105 Rue de Bagnolet  75020 Paris
    • Davout  135 Boulevard Davout  75020 Paris

To ensure priority treatment, notify your housing application to the two supervisors whose emails are [email protected] and [email protected]. Also copy them on your application and on your exchanges with the leasing officers.

The platform Spotahome.com

In addition to the thousands of offers available on the dedicated housing.supdeluxe.com platform, you can also consider those offered by www.spotahome.com. They aim to provide complete information about the accommodation through photos, floor plans and even commented videos. www.spotahome.com offers you a 25% discount on the booking fee. All you have to do is insert the promo code.