MSc-Master of Science Fashion & Luxury Business

The MSc Fashion & Luxury business is designed for students who wish to specialize and undertake in-depth studies to prepare themselves at a high level for the ever-changing demands of the fashion and luxury industries.

October 2023
Full timeOn site
€13,500 1st year / €21,800 2nd year€21,800 2nd year only
1 or 2 year(s)

MSc in Fashion & Luxury Business Program in Paris


The mentor of the MSc-Master of Science Fashion & Luxury Business is Alain Quillet.


Fashion is a dynamic, constantly changing and fast-growing segment of the luxury industry.


Entirely in English, he MSc Fashion and Luxury business is designed for students who wish to specialize and undertake in-depth studies to prepare themselves at a high level for the ever-changing demands of the fashion and luxury industries.

The objective is to train students and provide them with a wide range of management skills in the fashion industry. The program offers management courses and specialized courses in fashion management, all taught by professionals in the sector.

The strong linkage between Sup de Luxe and the corporate community is to ensure a perfect fusion of management, art, craftsmanship, and science, which is the essence of fashion.


At the end of the program, you will:

  • be able to demonstrate original creative thinking and autonomy in developing project ideas when responding to the changing needs of the fashion industry
  • be equipped to deal with existing and emerging technologies in today’s international fashion industry
  • have an understanding of specialist brand development and business practices globally


This program labelised Master of Science (MSc) by the “Conference des Grandes Ecoles”

Conférence des grandes écoles




  • Number of students: 14
  • Satisfaction rate: 5/5
  • Integration rate: 100%
  • Dropout rate: 0%
  • Return rate to the survey: 100%

(source: satisfaction and insertion surveys conducted in 2022 by the school)


Classes will be held on the Paris La Villette campus (15 rue de Cambrai 75019 Paris).

If you have a disability, please visit our Accessibility page.


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Last update: September 2022



Semester 1

  • Ethics, corporate social responsibility and sustainability
  • Entrepreneurship ecosystem
  • Corporate finance
  • Strategic management
  • Management information system and Project Management
  • Self-development
  • French as a foreign language

Semester 2

  • Business development
  • Human Ressources Management
  • Entrepreneurial Finance and Accounting Management
  • Supply chain and logistics
  • Big Data and knowledge management
  • Business English
  • Career Development Workshops

Luxury Management (60 hours)

  • Introduction and luxury field through times and places
  • Definitions of luxury sector, the figures, the holdings, codes and values to work in this industry
  • Luxury industry in the 21st century, situation pre and post covid and the cultural changes
  • Click and mortar, digital and luxury world, luxury and ethics
  • Presentation of the different luxury sectors
  • Focus on the clients of the luxury sector
  • International marketing and management
  • Experiential marketing challenges
  • Intercultural team management




  • Understanding Global landscape of the luxury industry
  • Mastering Business Models in Fashion & Luxury Business
  • Managing legal & regulatory issues in the luxury business
  • Understanding Sociology & history of fashion
  • Defining Fashion & Luxury Branding strategy
  • Managing Corporate Finance & Performance in the Fashion and Luxury industry
  • Managing Digital Marketing & E-commerce in the Fashion business
  • French as a foreign language
  • Personal & Career development
  • Seminar
  • Research methods
  • Designing Fashion and luxury marketing strategies
  • Mastering specificities of the (luxury) fashion product
  • Managing communication & key events in the fashion business
  • Managing a Fashion point of sales in a multichannel perspective
  • Managing Purchasing & supply chain in the fashion business


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Learning Model

  • Our Master of Science requires a full-time commitment. The lecture calendar includes morning and afternoon sessions, plus on certain days the lectures will extend into the evening.
  • Your learning is guaranteed by an advanced and participatory teaching method that includes lectures, exercises, problem-based learning cases and field projects.
  • The program will consist of theoretical courses, lectures and internship or job
  • The methods of evaluation are : Continuous, partial and dissertation.



The MSc Fashion & Luxury Business allows you to acquire skills related to different professions, such as :

  • Style Director or Art Director
  • Development Manager
  • Group manager
  • Product manager
  • Fashion designer
  • Collection coordinator
  • Purchasing manager
  • Production manager
  • Visual merchandising manager
  • Press officer


Admission requirements

You can integrate this program :

  • In first year, at a third-year university level diploma
  • In second year, at a fourth or fifth-year university level diploma, or a Master


Candidates profile

This MSc is for :

  • French and foreign students holding at least a third-year university level diploma (Bachelor and Master)
  • Professionals wishing to specialize in luxury
  • Entrepreneurs with business creation projects in this field


Selection Process

  • Pre-selection from the application file
  • Convocation to an individual interview with a jury of professionals of the sector

The selection process continues throughout the year


Tuition fees

 French and international students :

  • €35,300 for two years (€13,500 1st year / €21,800 2nd year)
  • €21,800€ for 2nd year only

The rate indicated is subject to deductions according to the terms of payment.

Application deadline: Up to the first day of the programme except for students applying for a visa, for whom the application must be made 8 weeks before the intake.


For more information, contact us on the Admissions number at the bottom of our website, or by filling in a contact form.