MBA Luxury Brand Marketing & International Management

MBA Luxury Brand Marketing & International Management

The first programme developed by the Institute in 1990, which has been training its students for more than 30 years for positions of high responsibility. Ranked No. 3 in France and No. 5 in the world for the best courses in luxury management.

  • Full-time/ Work-study / In-person
  • 34000€
  • September 2024
  • 1 or 2 years
  • French

Presentation of the MBA

Ranked Number 5 in the World for Best Masters in Luxury Management by Eduniversal.

A top 5 programme for 32 years and recognised as the best course for and by the industry, the MBA Luxury Brand Marketing & International Management is a comprehensive course designed by working professionals and specialists. Assignments and cases from companies allow students to put into practice the knowledge acquired during the course.

Presentation of the specialisations

Entrepreneuriat & Luxe

The Entrepreneurship & Luxury specialisation within the MBA Luxury Brand Marketing & International Management aims to prepare future entrepreneurs to identify opportunities to develop their business, to lead a project and a team, to create value and to demonstrate creativity and innovation.

Développement Durable & Luxe

The Sustainability & Luxury specialisation within the MBA Luxury Brand Marketing & International Management aims to train and prepare specialised managers, reinforcing their sensitivity, creativity and skills around sustainable development and the circular economy in the luxury world.

Specialization only available in MBA2 at the start of the 2024 academic year

Marketing Digital & Luxe

The Digital Marketing & Luxury specialisation within the MBA Luxury Brand Marketing & International Management is a comprehensive course designed by professionals and working specialists to prepare students for the digital and technological revolution that is shaking up the luxury sector.

Stratégies Retail & Luxe

The Retail & Luxury Strategies specialization offers comprehensive training in the field of luxury, encompassing an introduction to new retail, the integration of technology for an exceptional customer experience, the digital transformation of physical points of sale, the personalization of the customer experience, as well as digital and social marketing strategies.

Specialization only available in MBA1 at the start of the 2024 academic year


Strengths of the programme


    With the support of its professors and lecturers and its powerful network of professionals, Sup de Luxe launched the Design Management Project by Sup de Luxe in September 2016. This transversal and professionalizing module provides the keys to learning to work in project mode, in the new conditions encountered by managers and companies today. Design Management Project by Sup de Luxe prepares and trains future managers for these new challenges.

    * Design Management is a global process of organising the company.


    The Grand Témoins conferences have been a tradition and a strong feature of the Institute for 33 years. Personalities and top executives, figures from the world of luxury, communication and culture come to meet the students.

Educational objectives

  • Acquire solid business creation and management skills in the Premium and Luxury sector
  • Starting or taking over a business in the sector
  • Learning to manage a project
  • Become familiar with new and innovative methods
  • Work in a professional and demanding manner
  • Developing team building

Learning methods

The programme consists of:

  • lectures
  • Group Codesign workshops for role-playing
  • meetings with professionals
  • conferences
  • internships

Pace of training

Year 1: Fundamentals

It allows you to master the essential tools for understanding marketing and business in the luxury brands and houses sector.

  • September to July
  • Semester 1 in progress
  • Semester 2 on placement 
  • 60 ECTS credits

Second year: Specialisation and professionalisation

The evening course schedule gives future graduates the opportunity to continue their professional activity in a company, in order to consolidate their knowledge of this sector.

  • Teaching takes place from September to July
  • Possible contracts: internship, work-study (professional training contract), fixed-term contract and permanent contract
  • 60 ECTS credits


This programme delivers the title of Marketing and Sales Manager for luxury products and services (title in its own name, from the EDC Paris Business School, to which Sup de Luxe belongs), registered in the RNCP by decree on 26/01/2022, code NSF 312m - level 7 professional certification.

Statistical data

  • Number of students: 81
  • Satisfaction rate: 4.6/5
  • Integration rate: 96%.
  • Drop-out rate: 0.99
  • Survey return rate: 100%.

(Source: satisfaction and integration surveys conducted by the school in 2022)

Assessment methods

The assessment methods are: continuous assessment, mid-term exams and DMP.


  • General and sectoral luxury culture
  • Fundamentals of luxury marketing
  • Luxury brand communication
  • Business fundamentals
  • Operations management
  • Team management
  • Personal development
  • Foreign languages
  • Annual project
  • 6 month internship


  • Geopolitics / geostrategy
  • Competitive strategies in the luxury industry
  • Identity and Communication
  • Trend analysis and creativity management

Marketing & Communication

  • Marketing
  • Specificities of Communication in the luxury sector
  • Digital
  • Management & Administration
  • Distribution and logistics
  • International Trade
  • Sales
  • Management / Finance
  • Law
  • Ethics and Governance

General Culture

  • History of luxury
  • Coaching
  • Professional life and personal development

1/ Entrepreneurship & Luxury

  • The new challenges of the sector
  • Developing innovation projects
  • Turning intention into project
  • Consolidating a project: moving from project to creation (which resources, which associates/partners, which financing?)
  • Define a sales and marketing strategy (product, brand, customers, distribution channels and communication methods)
  • Create, take over, manage a company in the premium and luxury sector

2/ Sustainability & Luxury

  • The world of luxury is changing
  • A committed and responsible luxury
  • Traceability: new use of technology in luxury
  • New categories of customers
  • Luxury and sustainable development: two contradictory worlds?
  • AGEC Act in the management of unsold goods
  • An economic impact with the development of upcycling and recycling
  • Reflections on the luxury fashion business model
  • From diversification to the creation of true brand ecosystems
  • The impact of the luxury lifestyle and the luxury industry

3/ Digital & Luxury Marketing

  • Tradition and digitalisation: Modernisation of luxury
  • E-commerce; the next axis of development for luxury?
  • Digital revolution and online sales: what are the consequences for luxury?
  • The paradox of luxury and the Internet
  • Digital and luxury: what impact on the customer experience and brand equity?
  • Omnichannel strategy and brand equity
  • Customer experience: what expectations in the luxury sector?
  • Technology for the democratisation of fashion

4/ Retail & Luxury strategies

  • Introduction to new retail in luxury
  • Integrating technology into the customer experience
  • Digital transformation of physical points of sale
  • Personalization and customer experience
  • Digital and social marketing strategies
  • Data analysis and decision-making

Job opportunities

The MBA Luxury Brand Marketing & International Management allows you to acquire skills related to different professions such as:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Development Manager or Group Leader
  • Brand or Product Manager
  • Head of Sector or Head of Department
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Visual merchandising manager
  • Press Officer
  • Public Relations
  • Event Manager
  • Brand Director
  • Brand manager or luxury product manager
  • Marketing/e-marketing project manager in the luxury sector
  • Marketing/e-marketing manager in the luxury sector
  • Marketing/e-marketing manager for luxury goods
  • Manager of one or more luxury shops
  • Distribution Manager
  • Director of a luxury goods sales entity

Pursuing your studies

If you want to continue your studies after the MBA Luxury Brand Marketing & International Management, it's possible! There are a number of establishments where you can specialise in a specific field (fashion, tourism, hospitality, gastronomy, jewellery, cosmetics, etc.) or acquire more general, cross-disciplinary skills (finance, management, digital, CSR, law, etc.). Subject to the necessary pre-requisites, you may also decide to complete a doctorate or a Master of Science to round off your course. To find out about all the options available to you after your degree, click here (in French).

If you have enjoyed the Sup de Luxe experience, you can continue to develop your expertise in the luxury business via one of our 3 MSc programmes: Global Luxury Brand ManagementFashion & Luxury BusinessFood & Wine International Management. Our advisers are on hand to provide guidance and advice.

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