Summer Trip

The Summer Trip is a 5 day program based around luxury management, brand strategy and creativity.

4 - 8 July
Class, visits and workshops
€ 2,700for a 20 ppl group min
5 days

The SUMMER TRIP is a 5 day program based around those following themes and challenges:

  • The evolving strategy of the brand in the luxury sector
  • Creativity: a major challenge in the evolution and sustainability of luxury brands & businesses

The challenge is how to combine creation and management in a luxury house as in all types of companies. As competition intensifies and the risk of trivializing the offer becomes more and more real, the brand is no longer the only factor that can make a difference. An essential asset of creation is its faculty to make the vital differentiation by projecting itself into an original imaginary territory. It is a strategic tool of primary importance in the growth policy of any company and especially in luxury. During an intensive week of courses, meetings and workshops with the stakeholders of these professions, future managers are made aware of the role of creation, and they discover the challenges, methods, benefits and pitfalls of creative management.

Objectives & outcomes

  • To sensitize future managers to the major role of creation in luxury brands
  • To convey the understanding and knowledge of the luxury industry and its business
  • To discover and integrate the challenges, methods, benefits and possible pitfalls of creativity management
  • To instill in the participants the desire and passion of a changing sector that generated $270M in sales in 2019, accounting for a 5% increase.

Program design*

The program is structured around courses/conferences led by professionals of the sector, creativity workshops, visits to iconic sites; shops, luxury landmarks, foundations, etc...

Throughout their stay, students benefit from a tailor-made schedule, allowing them to combine learning and the discovery of Paris, the capital of luxury.

Program organization:

  • 20h courses/lectures
  • 1 or 2 creation workshops. I.E: jewelry or leatherwork
  • Visit of a luxury boutique  
  • Private visit and guided tour of a museum or foundation dedicated to creation, exceptional pieces or private collections

*A detailed planning of courses & activities will be provided to the participants upon their registration.


Topics covered

  • The fundamentals of the luxury sector: history and brands
  • The economic weight of the sector/luxury business
  • Marketing techniques, merchandising, digital communication specific to the luxury sector
  • Managing creation process
  • The new ‘luxuries’


Assessment method

At the end of the program, you will give an individual or a group presentation of a project related to the problematic of creation and creativity based on the conferences given, the visits and workshops proposed, and on your own research.

The final mark will include

  • The presentation of the project
  • Active class participation
  • Workshops


Admission requirements

• Bachelor Level 3 or 4
• English Level B2 (Language certificate TOEFL/ IELTS requested)

The course is worth 10 ECTS credits.