Sup de Luxe , was founded by Cartier in 1990 under the name Institut Supérieur de Marketing du luxe.  It is the institute of reference for luxury and the only institute in the world to have been designed and managed by professionals of the sector. In 1995, Sup de Luxe became part of EDC Paris Business School, a reference school in entrepreneurship.


Why come to our institute?

Since its creation, our institute has known an undeniable success among French and international students. These students aspire to work in the luxury goods industry, in various sectors: jewellery, gastronomy, real estate, fashion, …

First in the rankings of training courses preparing for the luxury industry and luxury management, our programmes are references in France and abroad.

For 32 years, Sup de Luxe has been a luxury marketing school and a Cartier Chair that annually welcomes more than 400 students from all over the world.


We propose to integrate our Bachelor Luxury, or one of our 5 MBA:


All our programs are Qualiopi certified.


Our added value

The institute brings the keys to the world of luxury and its marketing via a number of unique opportunities:

  • Executive programs that are constantly in tune with the needs of the sector

  • Teaching only provided mainly by Brand and House professionals, but also by high-level research professors

  • Weekly contacts with the decision-makers who make luxury goods

  • Visits to companies, trade fairs, creative workshops, production centers, logistics centers, etc

  • Study trips in France and abroad

  • Interviews with recruitment agencies and human resources managers

  • Meetings with the press and media

  • The regular support of a network of 3,000 graduates who hold executive positions in companies of the sector

  • Evening classes to allow MBA students to assume a position or internship during the day. Oriented towards professionalization, our institute is the gateway to the implementation of our teachings in a permanent job

Recognized worldwide, our institute is in demand by hundreds of students, French and international, as well as by professionals in retraining for our international MBAs.


Luxury: a world apart

To excel in the sector, young managers must be thoroughly familiar with its codes, different business models, marketing techniques and strategies, as well as with the specific requirements of international distribution of luxury goods and services. They have to understand that luxury is a world of constant creativity, which they will have to foster while respecting tradition and at the same time learn from the latest innovations of our world.


Our Objectives

  • To constitute a pool of young managers for all the sector's professions, in close relationship with the brands
  • To train executives and managers to remain efficient and innovative in a constantly changing sector
  • To promote high-impact research through an internationally renowned observatory and applied research center: Sup de Luxe Lab
  • To contribute to the knowledge and prestige of this sector by regularly publishing works