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19 | 08 | 19

Rihanna creates her own brand within LVMH

First artist in the world to reach 100 million digital sales in the United States, one of the best-selling solo artists in the world, 251 million downloads and ringtones, making him the best-selling...
01 | 08 | 19
Food & Wine

First whisky born of artificial intelligence!

It is in Sweden that the Mackmyra distillery will create the event. This autumn, it is launching the world's first whisky created by Artificial Intelligence in collaboration with Microsoft and the...
Chic française
27 | 06 | 19

Chic ! French women are number one in women's shopping

The chic French woman, beautiful.... We envy her style, her elegance, her incredible ease with fashion, her refined taste for perfumes and her innate sense of beauty. It is still at the top today!The...
21 | 06 | 19

Stop wasting! A challenge in the luxury industry

  What do the big luxury houses do with their unsold goods of the season? Of course, there's the sales. However, in this highly coveted sector, it is no longer always a solution chosen by large...
05 | 06 | 19

When luxury sets out to conquer space

Champagne, space travel and soon hotel business... Luxury takes a big leap into space to propose innovations that will accompany the wildest travellers! Because luxury has no limits, Thibaut de la...
02 | 05 | 19
Food & Wine

"Exceptional wines", the new entity of the LVMH Group

 LVMH affirms and confirms its desire to promote... the exception! It was at the International Agricultural Show that the world leader in luxury announced it: its "Wines & Spirits" universe will...
04 | 03 | 19


 What a pleasure to explore Paris with the 2018 promotion of Sup de luxe! Women and men from Switzerland, Spain, Moldova, Lebanon, Russia, India, China, Taiwan, Mexico and France! Enough to make you...
14 | 02 | 18

Luxury Talents

Sup de Luxe, partner of the Centre du Luxe et de la Création, and of the Talents du Luxe 2018   The Centre du Luxe et de la Création presented the Talents du Luxe et de la Création on Tuesday 30...