MBA Online – Luxury Management in the Digital Age

The online MBA Luxury Management in the Digital Age trains professionals to provide a vision of change and adaptation to the new socioeconomic environment within companies in the luxury sector.

november 2019
12 months

MBA Online – Luxury Management in the Digital Age



The MBA Online aims to train professionals so that they may provide a vision of change and adaptation to the new socioeconomic environment within companies in the luxury sector.


They will be able to:

  • Demonstrate expertise concerning the characteristics of the sector,
  • Define the realistic and objective positioning of a brand and build the story that will enable it to reach the established objective,
  • Respect the keys of the differentiating tradition of the luxury sector, incorporating the tools, methodologies and processes of the digital age,
  • Lead the transformation of organizations to face new projects and entrepreneurial challenges


This program is aimed at managers, professionals and executives in the luxury sector who wish to acquire a new vision of management oriented to the digital environment of business. It endeavors to offer companies of this sector an added value for their:

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship capacity
  • International vision
  • Management in social networks
  • Knowledge of the keys to digital marketing and e-commerce
  • Understanding of the characteristics of the luxury sector

Benefits of the distance learning:

  • Study while working
  • Access and benefit from the best teachers of the luxury industry
  • Collaborate and interact with students from all over the world


This program recognized Level I by the State is registered at the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP).


1. New consumers of Luxury

  • Once Creators, they became Brands: a Contemporary history of Luxury Brands.
  • The industrial revolution: perfume, cosmetics and accessories
  • The great shift of the Luxury Industry, the 90s
  • Who are the new consumers of Luxury?
  • Intercultural Management


2. Developing a Luxury Brand: Branding, Identity & Creativity  

  • Brand management equity, Brand Image
  • Brand stretching and Brand alliance
  • Luxury brand management specific challenges


3. Experiential Marketing

  • Designing customer journey, Brand Ambassadors,
  • Sensorial Marketing, Immersive Marketing, Theatralization, digitalization of the retail Brick&Mortar
  • Cross-channel customer journey, digital experiences


4. Managing a luxury company

  • The Financial Guideline: Operating Costs and Profits
  • Price Positioning Strategy


5. Launching a Luxury Brand in the Digital World I

  • Understanding the importance of social networks:
  • web-marketing,
  • communication,
  • e-commerce.
  • new retail


6. Distribution Strategies: the right mix between Channels

  • Understanding the importance of inter-cultural contexts and local specificities.
  • Evolution of distribution modes: selective distribution, retail, distribution, e-commerce…


7. Luxury legal issues

  • Laws & Specific legal regulations applicable to the luxury sector


8. Talent development & Management

  • Change Management
  • Leader’s toolbox
  • Recruiting & developing people
  • Conflict handling - Reaching agreement


9. Launching a Luxury Brand in the Digital World II

  • CRM
  • Internet monitoring and business intelligence. 
  • Uses Case & sectorial analysis


10. Considering the new Sustainable and Social responsibility issues of the Luxury industry

  • From Sustainable Development to Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Specifics of sustainability related to the luxury industry
  • New luxury consumer and new luxury marketplaces


11. Study trip to Paris, the capital of Luxury and Fashion.

  • A real immersion in the heart of brands and Houses and their business.
  • History, culture and the arts are at the center of the DNA of the brands.
  • Meetings with the managers of the sector, designers of new concepts and young entrepreneurs, digital experts.
  • Visits, workshops, initiation to creation and its management.
  • Understanding the customer experience in situ in major brand stores.
  • Professional exchanges and advice on personal development.


12. Final business project

The MBA Online Luxury Management in the Digital Age is designed for:

  • Graduate students with a degree from a recognized University with good grades and performances (Bachelor, master or Engineering Programs),
  • Young professionals who hope to accelerate their career path.

Candidates should fill out the application form. Once the file is received and selected, a jury will carefully review it and interview selected candidates during a face to face meeting or via an electronic link.