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Student guide
07 | 09 | 20
International Student Guide
 Back to school is approaching! For international students of EDC Paris Business School and Sup de Luxe, a booklet with all practical information is available.  You can read it here.  
In telecommuting, the sector is adapting and so are our students.
05 | 06 | 20
Working from home, the sector is adapting and so are our students.
  The Covid-19 will have impacted professionals, but also some of our students who continued their telework internship for the brands in the sector.This is the case of Loïs Lecomte in the 3rd year of...
Design Management Project, an innovative pedagogy
04 | 06 | 20
Design Management Project, an innovative pedagogy
  "Creative Intelligence" is the pedagogical line that constitutes the originality of the Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management MBA, with each year an evaluation of the students' work...
Axel Grivory
06 | 05 | 20
Portrait of Axel Grivory, founder of SPRINGER & FERSEN
Axel Grivory, alumnus of the 2001 Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management MBA, had at the time written his dissertation on the watchmaking sector. Today, founder of his own watch brand,...
Le petit Journal
04 | 05 | 20
The "Petit Journal" of the luxury Bachelor
In this period of confinement, maintaining weekly contact (beyond online courses) with students was the primary desire of the Sup de Luxe management and pedagogy teams.   With the participation of...
Info Covid
17 | 03 | 20
COVID-19 Information: Your Online Courses
Following government instructions, the EDC Group has closed all of its campuses (EDC Paris Business School, Sup de Luxe and SMS) to the public for security reasons since last Friday. However, thanks...
Pauline marcel alumna
14 | 02 | 20
Pauline Marcel, alumna and founder shareview
Pauline Marcel graduated from the MBA in Luxury Business Development in 2016 in Geneva and is today the founder of the start-up Shareview. This new social network proposes to share videos of...
13 | 12 | 19
Bachelor Luxury: Ranks No. 1 among the best Luxury Bachelors in 2019/20
The Bachelor Luxe of Sup de Luxe is once again this year at the top of the Best Luxury Bachelor ranking, thus confirming the excellence of its programmes. This ranking rewards the loyalty and the...
Ralph Chami
31 | 10 | 19
Ralph Chami, alumnus and Global Art Director for NOBLE PANACEA
Ralph Chami, graduate of the MBA Global Luxury Brand Management in 2018, is currently based in Dubai as Global Art Director for the luxury cosmetics brand NOBLE PANACEA.Tell us about your experience...
Carole Grouesy
28 | 10 | 19
Carole Grouesy, alumna and founder of the web-magazine ATTITUDE LUXE
Carole Grouesy, a graduate of the MBA Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management in 1997, is today the founder and editor of the high-end web-magazine ATTITUDE LUXE, with the objective of...