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02 | 06 | 18
Romain Dezaux, portrait d'alumnus
Romain Dezaux, a 2005 MBA graduate in Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management, tells us about his professional career in the luxury sector at Richemont and Roger Dubuis since his...
Deauville 2019
28 | 02 | 18
Visit of Deauville for MBA students
Every year the MBA students visit Deauville, a luxury tourist city with its palaces and shops, Festival City, Horse City, Congress City, etc.... The leaders of the Barrière Group and Philippe Augier...
MBA geneve RDD 2019
17 | 02 | 18
Graduation ceremony MBA Luxury Business Development, Geneva.
The 11 winners of the 3rd promotion of the Swiss Sup de Luxe programme received their diplomas on Tuesday 25 September in the lounges of the Palace Richemond in Geneva, in the presence of their...
14 | 02 | 18
Luxury Talents
Sup de Luxe, partner of the Centre du Luxe et de la Création, and of the Talents du Luxe 2018 The Centre du Luxe et de la Création presented the Talents du Luxe et de la Création on Tuesday 30...
14 | 02 | 18
Sup de Luxe at Zolotas
The MBA in Global Luxury Brand Management students received by their graduating class sponsor, Georges Papalexis, alumni Sup de Luxe 2006, is CEO and Artistic Director of La Maison familiale de...
06 | 02 | 18
Ty shee Zen, a decorative and practical cat
Geneviève Tour, alumna Sup de Luxe and Laetitia Ambroselli created their start-up, Ty Shee Zen. They have taken the challenge of transforming a design object into a utilitarian one. Indeed this cat...
09 | 11 | 17
The Alumnis Sup de Luxe have talent and prove it: François Le Troquer
François Le Troquer, Sup de Luxe 1994, Vice President and Managing Director of the beautiful Atelier SWAROVSKI House, gives us his latest news: Pénélope Cruz and Atelier Swarovski. A unique and...
07 | 11 | 17
Sup de luxe hosts world universities for exceptional study trips
Sup de luxe hosts world universities for exceptional study trips in the field of luxury management and marketing. Recently, sup de luxe welcomed a group of mba students from Stellenbosch University,...
30 | 10 | 17
Sup de Luxe receives Chantal Thomass
Sup de Luxe receives each week the most influential personalities in the sector. This week, to the great delight of the students, Mrs. Chantal Thomass came to talk to the students about her fabulous...
02 | 06 | 17
Sup de Luxe joins Grupo Planeta's international higher education project
Created in 1949 in Barcelona by Jose Manuel LARA HERNANDEZ, Grupo Planeta is an international group with a cultural vocation, leader in the Spanish-language publishing market and number two in France...