Sup de Luxe is proud of its alumni and regularly calls on them to bring their knowledge and know-how to its students.

Bianca Bigeard, who graduated from the MBA Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management in 2007, created her own company a few years ago to put people in touch and communicate about French know-how, particularly in the field of perfumes and cosmetics: Paris Beauty Week is a unique experience of immersion in the world of Beauty and also a strong presence on the digital market. 

Bianca organised a "Perfume trip" for the 35 international students of the MBA Global Luxury Brand Management.


First of all they visited the Osmothèque in Versailles. The Osmothèque (from the Greek "osmè" = smell and "theke" = storage) is a non-profit association which opened its doors on 26 April 1990. Considered as the first archive of perfumes in history, it preserves these very delicate and precious creations from the wear and tear of time and prevents them from getting lost and forgotten. This living collection of more than 4,000 perfumes, 800 of which are nowhere to be found, protects the world's perfume heritage.


They then met the Brand Director Alexandre J, who designs her fragrances and exceptional packaging as artistic creations. 

The following day, they had the chance to meet Thibaud Crivelli, founder of the Crivelli house, haute parfumerie, and then Samer Zakharia, founder of the Douze perfume house. They ended the day with a visit to the famous Guerlain boutique on the Champs Elysées. 

Sup de Luxe and its students warmly thank Bianca and the representatives of these houses for sharing with them this experience and understanding of the luxury perfumery sector.  


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