Marine Monloubou

Marine Monloubou, alumna and creator of the brand Les Jupons de Louison

Marine Monloubou, alumna of the MBA Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management , shares with us her experience at Sup de Luxe, her professional background and her experience as the creator of the Les Jupons de Louison brand.

Tell us about your experience at Sup de Luxe. Why did you choose our school?
Sup luxe is a recognized MBA, an evening school that allowed me to have professional experience during the day. The pace was high but we made real connections with the other students. It was an enriching year with a lot of great encounters that allowed me to take the measure like no other experience would have allowed me of what the luxury universe represents and its tremendous potential for influence and growth.

What is your best memory of your Sup de Luxe experience?
It's very hard to choose. But the SIHH was a wonderful show for me. Or hight tech and tradition, give luxury this unique dimension.

Tell us about your career and its evolution from school leaving to today?
During the Sup de Luxe I worked as a shop manager at Eres, then at Moynat as export sales manager and finally 3 years at Calzedonia as Regional Manager before creating the Jupons de Louison.

Why did you get into entrepreneurship?
I have always wanted to make a difference. This is why after a few years in the world of fashion, I chose to launch myself around a project that corresponds to me in terms of career path, training, values and commitments. I created my brand around the pleasure for my clients, around the enhancement of women and the notion of civic engagement and the enhancement of French know-how.

How have your acquired skills been useful to you for your professional career?
Luxury is not a commodity like any other, and calls on notions of pleasure, relationship to products, personalization that have helped me in defining the imprint of my brand. The MBA sup de luxe also prepares students for entrepreneurship, personal commitment and an understanding of the luxury value chain. It teaches us the need for quality, control and partnerships.

What would you advise students to do to succeed in the luxury sector?
Will, perseverance and strength of character! You must absolutely want to succeed and give everything to make sure you don't regret anything.

What can we wish you for the rest of your career?
Obviously to install Les Jupons de Louison in the landscape of brands that represent a few things for its customers in terms of qualities, creations and values. And why not in a second time extend my brand to the international market.

Explain your vision of luxury in a single sentence.
For me, the definition of luxury is the freedom to be able to choose, it is a parenthesis of pleasure, the freedom to live our dreams. It is the elegance and desire that we obtain when we offer ourselves the unattainable and coveted.

What is your company's concept and ambitions?
Les Jupons de Louison: a story of conviction. We design half-size skirts and dresses, adapted to each woman, so that they feel beautiful and irresistible. Each woman is unique and must value her uniqueness. A top-of-the-range concept and quality finishes made in French workshops and with independent seamstresses valuing Made in France. Our seamstresses are the cornerstone of our response to the growing demand for proximity and quality. We hope to be able to open a shop within two years and hire seamstresses. Our goal is to grow and make the Made in France shine as much as possible.

What are the latest news from your company?
We have just released our winter collection and more exclusivities are coming soon.