Sophie Garric

Sophie Garric, General Director France of Jaeger LeCoultre, presents "La Grande Maison".

Thanks to Sophie Garric, General Director France of Jaeger LeCoultre, for coming last night to introduce us to "La Grande Maison" and be part of our Guest Speakers. There is no shortage of positive comments on his interventions from students. Here are some examples:

It is still a pleasure to discover a woman at the head of a large house and with an admirable career. One remark particularly marked me; the importance of having a consistency between our personal values and those of a group for which we can work. Each house has its own DNA and particularity and when these values are in harmony, we find a real meaning in our daily professional lives, to become passionate about the house for which we work, as our intervener.

Tonight we felt something of the spirit of the Institute and the group that founded it. A timeless luxury, with a perpetual technical avant-garde, that we acquire for the love of art and that we manufacture with care. The conference was wonderful and the subject was exciting.

I will remember from this conference the passion of Mrs. Sophie GARRIC for mastering the processes, values and customs of the company she has the honour to lead. In addition, her fabulously inspiring presentation resonates with the fabulous nature (details) of the true "works of art" she offers to her clients. Finally, its youth, which is not lacking in its professionalism and presence. Beautiful conference. Thank you a thousand times.