Design Management Project, une pédagogie innovante

Design Management Project, an innovative pedagogy

"Creative Intelligence" is the pedagogical line that constitutes the originality of the Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management MBA, with each year an evaluation of the students' work by professionals.

These analytical and creative works are the result of an ambitious program administered by Isabelle Mocquant and supported by the expertise of our involved contributors. The objective is to give them the keys to learn how to work in project mode, to stimulate their skills, to propose innovative marketing schemes in the new conditions encountered by companies today.

This program is part of a more global reflection of the luxury sector and consequently integrates current and future challenges: second-hand market, optimization of after-sales service, integration of CSR approaches, revitalization of the Tableware sector, customer experience for the Gastronomy, Catering, Automotive ...

These works are evaluated by professionals who take the time to accompany our students, and by the network of Sup de Luxe Graduates who have obviously mobilized: we would like to thank all these participants for their support and their listening.   In the particular context of Covid-19 where the virtual has taken precedence over the face-to-face, we offer our warmest encouragement to the students who have adapted to the online presentation format of their projects, while remaining positive and constructive. A real sense of adaptation live which will make them quickly operational and reactive professionals!