Nicolas Brindjonc

Senior consultant for Agility Research

Nicolas has 24 years of experience in the luxury sector, in various fields: marketing, communication, business development, distribution, retail and e-commerce.


Nicolas started his career as a computer engineer in 1992 for Siemens Nixdorf. A year later, he moved to Cartier in Paris. After 4 years in the IT department, he obtained an MBA from Sup de Luxe and moved to marketing and sales. Nicolas has worked for different markets including emerging markets such as Greece, Portugal, Israel and finally Russia in 1999.


In 2001, Nicolas was transferred from Cartier to Richemont's headquarters in London. In 2004, Nicolas then created the Competitive Intelligence department for Richemont and developed a group intranet system for competitor information. He was Regional Director of Marketing Services for Richemont Asia-Pacific from 2008 to 2017 and was based in Hong Kong.


Nicolas is founder and Managing Director of SerendipityHK Limited. By developing a solid expertise in retail and customer service, business development, marketing and communication and e-commerce, SerendipityHK is able to develop a 360° strategy for high-end and luxury houses.


Nicolas is now Director Europe for Agility Research, a data, knowledge and consulting company with a strong focus on the luxury and premium segment working with premium brands worldwide.