Why an MSc in Fashion and Luxury Business is Worth Pursuing in 2022

Why an MSc in Fashion and Luxury Business is Worth Pursuing in 2022

If you’ve been considering a career in the luxury fashion industry, 2022 may just be the perfect time to commit to your future. A Master’s degree in the field will bring you a number of exciting opportunities, having learned the skills necessary to perform well in the high-level roles you’re seeking.


A Master’s degree from Sup de Luxe will provide you with in-depth management courses, equipping you with the confidence and knowledge needed to keep up with the demands of a dynamic industry. In just two years, you will explore topics on ethics, corporate responsibility, sustainability, entrepreneurship, strategic management, business development, and so much more. Become a valuable asset to any team and discover why you should pursue your MSc in 2022.


The Fashion Industry is Transforming


As time goes on, more consumers are starting to understand the impact that their purchases have on the environment and climate efforts. The fashion industry has a lot of room for improvement when it comes to understanding, promoting, and applying the best practices for more sustainable processing of luxury goods.


When you decide to pursue a luxury Msc in France, you will be trained by Brand and House professionals that have direct experience with the evolution of top luxury brands. In addition to these experts, you will be taught by high-level research professors that have been dedicated students of the industry for years. With courses exploring pressing issues in ethics, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability, the program will prepare you for life in the contemporary world of fashion.


MSc in Fashion and Luxury Business


A luxury MSc in France will introduce you to transformations in the fashion industry


Fashion as a Worldwide Outlet for Personal and Cultural Expression


Another great reason to pursue an MSc in fashion in 2022 is the simple truth that many people around the world need fashion. In a very personal sense, fashion is the way in which many people are able to express themselves and their individuality. Fashion, simply put, is embedded in our everyday lives, and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.


In addition to its personal level, fashion is seen as an expression of art and culture around the globe. In our MSc program, you will get to dive into the sociology and history of fashion, and form an understanding of the global landscape of the luxury industry. This year, you can take your knowledge of fashion and explore a more global perspective that will help you provide for the needs in your sector.


MSc in Fashion and Luxury Business


Fashion is an important outlet for people to express their individuality


Find Success in Top Roles in Fashion and Luxury Business


An MSc in fashion and luxury business will train you to stay innovative and efficient in this constantly changing industry. The level of professionalism acquired through our intensive curriculum and thorough experiential learning will carry you to success in a high-level role in the industry.


Sup de Luxe further provides students with career support while maintaining a privileged relationship with many brands. Having been a luxury marketing school since 1990, our reputation as a top-ranked school allows us to further our connections and provide a wide network for our students. Explore your passion while gaining the qualifications to fulfill your dream role in the fashion industry with Sup de Luxe.


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