Luxury fashion magazines have been considered for years as influential information diffusion tools and have the undeniable advantage of making readers interact and create real communities, especially through subscription formulas. Monthly, weekly or quarterly, through their editorial choices, visuals and styling, luxury fashion magazines are unique and highly impactful communication tools for brands. Indeed, the notion of trust and journalistic expertise are crucial for readers who consider the products and brands presented in the newspapers to be reliable. By collaborating with a newspaper, luxury brands can therefore reach their affluent consumers and become even more popular. But what are these luxury magazines? What are they about? Here are our top 10 luxury fashion magazines.


What are the luxury magazines?

Media that are considered high-end are aimed at an affluent audience, potentially more sensitive to luxury-related topics. Women's or men's magazines are often the preferred choice of premium advertisers (such as major luxury brands) to appeal to readers with targeted advertising campaigns. Whether print or digital, these magazines cover and analyse the latest news in the luxury industry: watches, cars, luxury hotels, jewellery, gastronomy... they inform readers of the latest market developments. New content, exclusive coverage, an engaged community... these media present exceptional products or experiences to a very receptive and particularly demanding public.

Forbes, Highsnobiety, Tatler, le Journal du Luxe, B.O.F (The Business of Fashion) are notably magazines specialising in luxury.


What are the fashion magazines?

For years, fashion magazines have been recognised sources of information about fashion trends. They include articles on designers, but also on the choice and origin of materials for certain collections, the creative process, or even fashion show schedules... Between interviews, targeted advice and fashion shoots, these magazines often act as a reference for the latest trends and silhouettes on the catwalks around the world. Although fashion is often their main focus, many women's magazines also deal with a variety of subjects such as well-being, design, gastronomy, etc. They therefore mix several themes while keeping their main vocation: informing the reader about the latest fashion news.

Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair are all fashion magazines.


What is the top 10 luxury fashion magazines?

Combining both luxury and fashion information, here are the 10 most recognised and influential French or international luxury fashion magazines in their field:

  1. Vogue
  2. Elle
  3. Harper’s Bazaar
  4. Vanity Fair
  5. Allure
  6. W Magazine
  7. Tatler
  8. Marie Claire
  9. Madame Figaro
  10. Numéro Magazine


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