How an MSc in Luxury Brand Management Can Prepare You for a Global Career

How an MSc in Luxury Brand Management Can Prepare You for a Global Career

Luxury brand management is a specialized sector of the fashion industry that deals with high-end companies and their business ventures. It involves the interaction of creative design, business, and marketing, combined with a strong understanding of the wider global market. Studying this field will offer you essential knowledge of the global economy and the way businesses today operate within that space.


A Global MSc in Luxury Brand Management prepares students for work in major strategic countries, through an in-depth study of business policies, financial strategies, and creative management. With the right training, you’ll be ready to bring innovation and direction to luxury brands around the world.


The Luxury Sector Extends Far and Wide


In today’s dynamic world, brands and their products are more accessible than ever. The expansion of the digital economy has opened the doors to new opportunities for brands that are looking to catch the attention of customers around the world. Through various online channels, luxury items have extended their reach to a whole new consumer base. These companies need brand managers who have an understanding of the current market and can create a tailored business strategy that makes use of new digital platforms.


Global MSc in Luxury Brand Management will teach you the fundamentals of global business policy based on consumer analysis and market research. Additionally, you’ll learn the essentials of communication in advertising, and how to employ social networks in digital marketing. Through a combination of business theory and practical strategies, you’ll learn how to bring luxury brands to life in today’s marketplace.




Students will learn to navigate the digital economy to reach new consumers in the luxury sector



Gain Essential Skills for Global Business


Sup de Luxe offers international MBA programs that are constantly in tune with the changing global economy. We aim to deliver graduates into the luxury industry as global specialists with the knowledge to remain efficient and innovative in the sector. With a strong focus on global management, the program at Sup de Luxe equips you with the skills to work in major areas of business.


Over the course of two years, you’ll cover global business policy, supply chain and logistics, big data, international distribution systems, worldwide procurement sources, and more. Additionally, the program develops special skills in social media management and digital marketing - two essential areas for businesses operating in the international marketplace today.


Students will learn under the guidance of Brand and House professionals, who can offer guidance on the professional landscape. With a learning model that is based on the analysis of real business cases, students will be ready to apply their skills to advancing luxury brands in the current global economy.




Our Global MSc supports the development of essential business skills for today’s world


Build an International Network at Our Luxury Program in France


Sup de Luxe has held its prestigious reputation as a luxury marketing school for the last 30 years, welcoming over 400 students from all over the world each year. Along with a unique international MBA methodology, our luxury program in France offers a number of networking opportunities that include visits to companies, trade fairs, creative workshops, production centers, and more. To support the long-term career success of our students, Sup de Luxe has a network of 3,000 graduates who hold executive positions at international companies in the luxury sector. With the relevant skills and support, students graduate from our program ready to pursue rewarding careers in the global market. 


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