Considering a Luxury School in Paris? 3 Ways You Can Build a Global Network During Your Degree

Considering a Luxury School in Paris? 3 Ways You Can Build a Global Network During Your Degree

Networking opportunities are incredibly valuable for students and graduates seeking growth and work experience. Like many industries, luxury business thrives on these networks—connecting passionate, creative, and hardworking professionals with each other for unique collaborations and learning experiences.


By attending an advanced luxury marketing school with a Cartier Chair reputation, like Sup de Luxe, you can start to develop unique networking opportunities that have the potential to launch your professional career. Learning from international experts, as well as other classmates coming from all over the world, gives you the chance to enhance your professional and personal development. This enables you to access a community of like-minded professionals eager to make an impact in the world of luxury business.


Read on to discover how your degree can help you broaden your professional network!


1. Build Your Network through Valuable Internship Opportunities

Students completing their luxury business training benefit greatly from hands-on work experience. Through this opportunity, students can explore valuable internships that give them unique access to their future work environment. They also benefit from an insider perspective on how the industry works and how they can best contribute to it. In this way, they are able to make new connections and build an international network of industry experts who are working alongside them.


Your passion and love of luxury business can be the driving force of your efforts. Through your MBA in luxury business, you can take on new internships and apprenticeships that allow you to meet and impress new people in the industry. Here, you can showcase your talent and skills—making a lasting impression that can help you secure a future career or even build a meaningful relationship which can later develop into a fruitful partnership opportunity.




Internships allow you to showcase your skills and develop new contacts in the industry


2. Connect with Industry Professionals during Your MBA in Luxury Business

As a luxury school that welcomes over 400 international students every year, Sup de Luxe offers its students access to a global alumni network. Graduates of our luxury school in Paris go on to hold executive positions in luxury companies and can connect with current students to share their personal experiences, professional tips, and other helpful insights.


Students in our luxury MBA program also benefit from coaching sessions for their professional and personal development. These sessions can serve as unique networking opportunities, connecting you with experienced industry experts who guide you towards success. Your international cohort and instructors—Brand and House professionals as well as high-level research professors—become great business contacts that can further expand your global network during your studies.




Students can connect with international alumni to expand their professional network


3. Take Full Advantage of Network Opportunities at Our Luxury School in Paris 

Being active in the industry is a great way to broaden your network throughout your training. International students seeking to discover industry events can take full advantage of Sup de Luxe’s networking opportunities. This includes visits to companies, trade fairs, creative workshops, production centers, logistics centers, and many more.


By participating in these events, you’ll have the chance to learn more about the industry and make even more connections with its experts. These networking opportunities can enhance your resume, boost your career development, and help you build a more nuanced perspective of the industry all while you complete your studies. As such, you can use networking as a way to maximize your learning experience and grow your list of global contacts. 



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