Bianca Bigeard, Sup de Luxe alumni of 2007, tells us how one of her latest projects was born.
In 2015, she created the Beauty Tour concept in France to share the history and know-how of French brands through personalized beauty tours.
She also offers for brands digital influence services through her Instagram @ParisBeautyWeek.

" In 2019, Celina Locks told me about her dream to create a fragrance designed for hair, something new on the market. I thought the idea was fantastic, it was the beginning of a great adventure! In the same week, I launched the operations by organizing for Celina several tours in the world of perfume in Paris and Grasse. On the program of this immersion in the know-how of the French perfume industry: round tables with perfumers, manufacturing workshops... but also exclusive meetings like the one with Francis Kurkdjian in Paris, or our meetings at Firmenich and then at International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF).
Celina's idea was accepted by IFF, an international company in the perfume industry responsible for the creation of many famous perfumes.

In May of the same year, we went together to the rose fields in Grasse. Then to one of the IFF factories in the region, LMR Naturals, responsible for all the organic and sustainable raw materials of the laboratory. This ecological commitment was important to Celina from the start, as she wanted to carry out a responsible and environmentally friendly project.

Celina knew all about the behind-the-scenes process, from the raw materials to the manufacturing process, to the final art of a perfume in the bottle.
That's how the dream started to get off the paper and become reality. Gloah was born, French passport in hand, it is marketed in Brazil before knowing the world. Thank you Celina Locks for trusting my work @parissecreta and entrusting me with your dream.

Gloah perfume was launched in March 2021. "