Khâdidja Bilinski

Alumni portrait - Khâdidja Bilinski, DIVINE BASTET

A graduate of the MBA (14th class) Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management at Sup de Luxe, Khâdidja Bilinski explains why she chose this program for her career in this sector and her professional path.  

Can you tell us about your career path before joining Sup de Luxe ?  

After a brief stint in journalism, in the beauty section of Maxi (Bauer) under the benevolent direction of Carole Chevalier, and after 7 years as a teacher and pedagogical manager of the BTS cosmetic aesthetics section in the private sector, I decided to crown my self-taught knowledge as well as my empirical heritage in the luxury industry with a more professionally structuring and rigorously academic pedagogical contribution.  

Why did you choose Sup de Luxe ?  

After looking around at schools offering training in this field and after meeting the teaching staff, I was convinced that Sup de Luxe was the institution where I could learn the secrets of the luxury industry while being part of a human-scale dynamic! Beyond the notions of school ranking, the human contribution is the most decisive differentiating element for me. At Sup de Luxe, everything contributes to the teaching of luxury with a human face: the friendliness and simplicity of the teaching staff, the structuring of knowledge acquisition, the interaction between students... In short, luxury made simple!  

What is your fondest memory of your Sup de Luxe experience ?  

My student experience at Sup de Luxe is a succession of unforgettable moments! First of all, during my admission interview, Thibaut de La Rivière and Jacques Morabito immediately put me at ease and even better, we talked about my passion for Nietzsche! Then, throughout the year, the exchanges with the teaching team, the professional meetings, the events... In short, everything was an invitation to adhere more to the need to contribute to this field whose DNA France has contributed and will undoubtedly continue to encode.    

How did your acquired skills help you in your professional career ?  

Sup de Luxe allowed me to change scale and expand my professional comfort zone. After obtaining my MBA, I had the opportunity to work as Marketing Director for the ICP-TEXINFINE laboratories based in Lyon, one of whose innovations was the subject of my end-of-year thesis. It was a twelve-year career that was professionally and humanly enriching. I then had the idea in 2019 to put my professional experiences and my know-how in the luxury field at my service, hence the foundation of DIVINE BASTET®.


How was the DIVINE BASTET® cat collar innovation project born ?  

DIVINE BASTET® is a company dedicated to the creation of high-end jewelry for cats and dogs. This idea came to my mind when in 2014 Dame Joleen, my British Shorthair cat, came into my life. I have always wanted to offer her collars that were aesthetically pleasing, noble in terms of composition and, above all, offered total safety in case of a snag.  Unfortunately, I was confronted with the total absence of such an offer. Moreover, as a Marketing Director, I was often on the move. During my long missions abroad, I was often concerned about the risk of domestic accidents. All these aspects encouraged me to make Joleen's necklaces myself. So, for years I have been in the habit of creating her ornaments. In my entourage, cat owners had very quickly expressed their interest in these atypical creations: aesthetic, high quality and guaranteeing total security thanks to the innovative closing system: the "Click/Go" system.


What is the DIVINE BASTET® concept ?  

DIVINE BASTET® revolutionizes the current offer thanks to 3 innovations:

  1. Innovation of the closing system: The " Click/Go " system guarantees absolute safety (anti-angling) for cats or dogs in case of entanglement. It is a clasp composed of magnets that attract each other and are easily dissociable that I used to use for myself for my leather bracelets and my collars. This system has already proven itself in human jewelry and has many advantages.  Here is a link to a video to discover this innovation:
  2. Innovation of the mission of the collars for animals: Of the benevolence above all! Creations based on quality raw materials intended for human jewelry (premium leathers, fine stones, precious woods, "safe" metals ...) to avoid allergies and odor nuisances due to the use of cheap plastic materials in the collars classically proposed. In addition, the custom-made creation and use of semi-precious stones with multi-millennial vibratory virtues is a source of well-being for pets.
  3. Innovation of the aesthetic universe: DIVINE BASTET® offers a new universe to "boost" with audacity and refinement the look of your cat, your dog.... The aesthetic universe inaugurated by DIVINE BASTET® is a complete break with the current offer in pet accessories. The creations are articulated in three collections (the Coll. Apparat, the Coll. lithothérapie and the Coll. Kama) with, as a bonus, the possibility of creating a unique custom-made creation on request: the ultimate expression of your passion for your cat, your dog!

What are the ambitions of DIVINE BASTET® ?  

Thanks to these innovations, DIVINE BASTET® is honored to contribute to the embodiment and influence of French know-how on a national and international scale. My wish is that in every French home and throughout the world, the natural elegance of pets be sublimated by DIVINE BASTET® creations, creations that are both refined and benevolent... In this, a DIVINE BASTET® creation is the Accessory that celebrates the Essential: our Love for these unconditional idols of our homes.  


What is the latest news about your company ?  

DIVINE BASTET® was born at the end of 2020. It is a young company that needs to be sponsored by all the souls who want to introduce refinement and benevolence in the daily life of our faithful pets!  

Present on the web and social networks, DIVINE BASTET® relies above all on the spirit of sharing and the art of federating to encourage the persistence of beauty and benevolence at all levels: in our relationship with animals and in our ability to support each other in this exciting adventure that is entrepreneurship!