Laura, en stage à La Maison du Chocolat

Laura, on an internship at La Maison du Chocolat

As part of their 1st year of the Bachelor Luxury, students have an internship in a shop to do during the Christmas holidays. Laura Butler was an intern at La Maison du Chocolat. She tells us about her experience...


I started my sales internship at the Maison du Chocolat in early December. During this internship we were asked to play several roles: self-service sales, box set up, cashier, cashier, replenishment of the shop, opening and closing of the shop. This taught me that in a shop with a lot of staff and a lot of tasks to do, you have to respect the role assigned to you so as not to penalize the rest of the team. What I liked was the contact with the customers, accompanying them from start to finish, making them discover the company's chocolates and having discussions on the different flavours.


According to me, the brand represents French know-how, the chocolates are made by the master chocolate makers in Nanterre, France, and the brand has always wanted to keep the same spirit over time.


This internship allowed me to have a more precise idea of the sales profession in the shop, you have to be dynamic and reactive, you have to know how to manage the different customers and listen to the customer, inform him and advise him according to his profile and needs.