Rocio Emiliozzi, alumna MBA Global 2018 a lancé SAUVAGE magazine

Rocio Emiliozzi, 2018 Lancement du magazine SAUVAGE par un étudiant Global MBA


- Tell us about your experience at Sup de Luxe? Why did you choose our school?

My experience at Sup de Luxe has been very rewarding, not only on a professional level, but also personally, meeting people from all over the world, discovering different cultures and meeting friends for life. The program is very complete. You get a complete knowledge of the luxury industry. Personally, I chose the school for two reasons: experiences and conferences. The program is very experiential and involves several study trips, which I think is the best way to understand what we are learning.


- Why did you want to join Courbet? What will you do for the brand?

As a young professional, I was hoping to integrate the world of work into a brand that cares about the world we will leave to future generations. At a time when ecology has a huge impact in all sectors, I think the luxury industry is no exception. My position is a press and communication assistant. Courbet is not only a new luxury brand, but it also has an added value: they sell jewellery with diamonds grown in laboratories. There is a lot of work to do in terms of communication, because there are still many consumers who still need to be informed about what it is about. I will also help develop the brand in English and Spanish-speaking countries.


- Tell us about SAUVAGE magazine?

I worked in Buenos Aires for a luxury magazine editorial that only contained printed versions and I found that not only readers, but also advertisers tended to have an online version. So I decided to leave this position and start my own project. I have created Sauvage Magazine, an online lifestyle media where you can find the best of travel, gastronomy, trends and places to visit in Buenos Aires and around the world. The objective being to attract a young audience with a privileged target, I focused on audiovisual content production; we made videos and published them not only on the Web, but also on social media.


- What can we wish you for the future?




- What would you recommend to Global MBA students?

My recommendation would be to take every opportunity, make good friendships with their future colleagues and work in the languages they speak. I think this is the real added value for a professional in the luxury industry.