Julie Zhu

Julie Zhu, alumna and creator of her own brand of scented candles Julie Zhu Paris

Julie Zhu talks to us about her experience at Sup de Luxe, the evolution of her professional career and the creation of her own brand of scented candles Julie Zhu Paris.

Tell us about your experience at Sup de Luxe. Why did you choose our school?
Sup de Luxe is the pioneering school for MBA programs in the luxury sector. It was the only school at the time, I believe, and with a program whose quality is largely due to the excellence of the speakers.

What is your best memory of your Sup de Luxe experience?
My best memories of my Sup de luxe experience are the meetings with the great professionals, I still remember them, such as, for example, Jean Pierre Valeriola, Vice-President of L'Oréal and of course the challenge of my thesis.

How have your acquired skills been useful to you for your professional career?
It is the taste of luxury, that is, the "attention to detail", seeking excellence in the quality of products and services and being demanding of yourself and what you do.

Tell us about your career and its evolution from school leaving to today?
I made a trip to Cartier, I was a saleswoman with audit assignments in Hong Kong and a mysterious shopper in Paris. Then for family reasons I moved to New York in 2004 and returned to Europe in 2006. Passionate about architecture and decoration since the beginning, in 2010 I graduated in London, in the KLC design school, then I created my own structure "Living with Style" in the world of interior design, but always in the context of luxury. Committed to the well-being of others, since 2015 I have started to develop my own lines of perfumes and scented candles, working closely with renowned perfumers in Paris and Grasse. In 2017, I launched my scented candle brand JULIE ZHU PARIS - Home Collection, because I conceive the ambient fragrance as an extension of interior design, a fourth dimension that enhances and enriches the experience of everyday life.

Why did you get into entrepreneurship?
The willingness and necessity to create, in complete freedom.

What would you advise students to do to succeed in the luxury sector?
It's like any other profession, to succeed, first you have to find your vocation and passion, you have to be open and persistent. You always have to look for the best version of yourself and what you are doing.

What is Julie Zhu Bougies' concept and ambitions?
Our brand has a multi-cultural background. The name is a mixture of East and West. Julie is a French name, but I keep my Chinese root ZHU. Our ambition is to bring accessible joie de vivre into everyday life. Scented candles are, in my opinion, the extension of interior design.

What can we wish you for the rest of your career?
Find "smart money", find a partner who knows the luxury sector and make strategic investments.