Antoine Chapoutot

Antoine Chapoutot, alumni and creator of the Antoine Chapoutot jewellery brand

Antoine Chapoutot, alumni of Sup de Luxe and creator of the jewellery brand Antoine Chapoutot tells us about his professional career.

Why did you choose Sup de Luxe ?
In 1992, I was 25 years old and I was looking for the sector of activity in which I could express my desire to create, preferably in luxury. Sup de Luxe was then the only school that existed and my experience there is quite conclusive, since it was during this training that I discovered the world of jewellery.

What is your best memory of your Sup de Luxe experience?
This is the visit of the Osmothèque, the only conservatory tracing the history of perfumery, based in Versailles. Enticing, as can be some perfumes, some voices....

Tell us about your career and its evolution from school leaving to today.
Two years after Sup de Luxe I created my company as a jewellery designer. The objective is to create a brand, a style. 25 years later, the test of time proves to me that my style stands out and stands out. I am entering the development phase but the financial stakes are high and I have been self-financing since the beginning.

Why did you get into entrepreneurship?
The willingness and necessity to create, in complete freedom.

How have your acquired skills been useful to you for your professional career?
Mainly for communication; know-how is not much without making it known, and luxury codes cannot be invented.

What would you advise students to do to succeed in the luxury sector?
Finding the industry that interests you, not counting the hours, assimilating the best and daring.

What can we wish you for the rest of your career?
Find the ideal partner who can understand the issues to develop my business more quickly.

Tell us an interesting anecdote about your career path.
In 1997, two years after the creation of my company, the daughter of Van Cleef's CEO came to my house to make her engagement ring. I say it with his permission... Other names from the jewellery industry have come to see me, but confidentiality obliges me, I can't talk about it, it could be embarrassing...

Explain your vision of luxury in a single sentence.
To succeed in being totally self, in all circumstances, without material or intellectual artifice.

What is your company's concept and ambitions?
It is a concept that has been a little overused for the last ten years, the creation of unique, custom-made pieces. It has been my line of conduct for 25 years, it necessarily involves a choice of selected stones, and I add a real creative identity to it. And since these are selected stones, there cannot be a very important development because these stones are even rarer. The ambition is therefore moderate in terms of points of sale, but unlimited in terms of creativity and quality. Which is not bad because my vision of luxury is based on confidentiality and rarity.