It is in Sweden that the Mackmyra distillery will create the event. This autumn, it is launching the world's first whisky created by Artificial Intelligence in collaboration with Microsoft and the Finnish company Fourkind, specialising in technological innovation.

Already used in the automotive industry, fashion or hotels.... The use of AI is a major first in the field of spirits. Because the alliance between a craft know-how born of a thousand-year-old tradition and the most advanced technologies of the 21st century is as incredible as it is unexpected. But at the Mackmyra house, whose motto is "Explorers in whisky", nothing is impossible!


How was this whisky made? The recipe was designed by Microsoft, which provides the computing power and servers, and Fourkind, which developed the AI algorithms.

The distillery provided the algorithms with data as varied as the traditional recipes of the Mackmyra distillery, the nature of the barrels, the ingredients, the maturation time, the customer preferences and even the sales statistics... to obtain 70 million possible combinations!

Based on the availability of the selected ingredients and depending on the types of barrels stored in the distillery, it is of course the human being who takes over for the entire sensory part of the job, which can never be replaced by a computer program.


The opinion of the master distiller at Mackmyra's? Angela D'Orazio, was able to use the recommendations of Microsoft and Fourkind's work to develop the cuvée for this very first single malt from the AI. According to her, "Our vision is that whisky is generated by AI but made by a human. The final decision rests with a person. Adding: "We are still trying to challenge the traditions of the very traditional whisky trade, and this is something we can really do now with the help of AI. We consider artificial intelligence as part of our digital development, and it is really exciting to let artificial intelligence complement the art of producing high quality whisky."


Want to try this new taste adventure?  It is soon, this very first single malt born from the AI will be released and will be released next September. Mackmyra's new Special 05 vintage was barrelaged in 2010 and will offer the best for the 2019 season.

According to Thibaut de La Rivière, director of Sup de luxe, AI is a new component of luxury that will really have to be reckoned with in the coming years, and in fields as diverse as fashion, perfume, hotels, restaurants...

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