Chic ! La femme française est n°1 en achats féminins

Chic ! French women are number one in women's shopping

The chic French woman, beautiful.... We envy her style, her elegance, her incredible ease with fashion, her refined taste for perfumes and her innate sense of beauty. It is still at the top today!

The figures confirm the legend.... If French-style elegance has all the makings of a myth or even a cliché, Big Data proves today that it is more than ever in line with its reputation. According to the Shopify platform, which has just published a survey on habits by country and consumer, French women are the first in the world to buy perfume, cologne and lingerie. And according to Solmaz Shahalizadeh, IT Manager at Shopify, "France is a hot spot for perfume and fashion retailers". Major trends are emerging by country, Germany for example will prefer dance dresses and costumes with a peak sale before Octoberfest, teas and infusions are selling much better in Japan than elsewhere....

How did the legend of French chic come about? The one that comes from the country of fashion and perfume has always fascinated the whole world. An idea promoted by the famous ambassador of French chic Coco Chanel for whom "A girl should be two things: chic and fabulous! ", by actresses who have conquered and seduced Hollywood with French glamour, and by creators who have a worldwide reputation and whose spirit of the houses is perpetuated: Christian Dior, Pierre Balmain, Jean Patou, Nina Ricci, Yves Saint Laurent who will say that "Dressing is a way of life", or even by the famous perfumer Jean - Paul Guerlain for whom "perfume is the messenger of what we want to reveal"...

What about the myth today? It is doing wonderfully well, thanks to the growing success of these beautiful French houses that make all the women of the world turn their heads. Americans, Japanese, Chinese and many others love the incredible talent and unique know-how of these houses, and they adopt French luxury. And what all women envy us is not only this extraordinary heritage but a certain way of appropriating it, something indefinable that contributes to our aura. Because, of course, it is not enough to wear one of these brands, but to know how to wear it.

What makes the difference from the "typically French"? An indefinable style made of a certain art of mixing. A piece of haute couture can be associated with worn jeans, if a top is oversized it is mixed with a bottom close to the body, if a mouth is very red, the eye should not be charred, with a sophisticated brushing the make-up should be light.... We avoid the total look, we break a too classic look or a too wise look by an offbeat part or accessory. Inès de la Fressange, ambassador of this unique style, offers us an instruction manual for her "made in Paris" look with advice such as "being rock and never bourgeois" and "having fun with fashion". We can also follow and be inspired by fashion icons like Charlotte Gainsbourg or Caroline de Maigret.

And as Thibaut de la Rivière, Director of Sup de luxe, points out, "French attitude or French freedom are as many values that promote a certain idea of French luxury".