First artist in the world to reach 100 million digital sales in the United States, one of the best-selling solo artists in the world, 251 million downloads and ringtones, making him the best-selling digital artist of all time....
Rihanna's success story is just beginning!

Today, at just 31 years of age, the pop star is also a talented businesswoman! She became the richest singer in the world in front of her elders Madonna, Céline Dion and even Beyoncé...

The secrets of this dazzling success? Perfumes and fashion collaborations with prestigious brands such as Clinique, Gucci, Puma, Armani. She became Dior's first black ambassador, collaborated on a collection of haute couture clothing and designer glasses for the same house, and then a line of jewellery at Chopard. And finally, she created the Fenty Beauty brand, which quickly became an international success, and was voted "Invention of the Year 2017" by Time Magazine.

In spring 2019, the "Fenty" brand, named after the star Robyn Rihanna Fenty, was created within the world's most prestigious luxury group, LVMH. First woman to launch her own brand within LVMH, a consecration for the influential artist and world icon! "Creating a brand with LVMH is an incredibly special moment for us. Mr. Arnault gave me artistic carte blanche to develop a fashion house in the world of luxury. I couldn't imagine a better partner, both in terms of creativity and business."

For Bernard Arnault, this was obvious after a successful first collaboration in the world of beauty, "Everyone knows the wonderful singer Rihanna, but through our partnership with Fenty Beauty, I discovered her entrepreneurial spirit, her leadership skills and an impressive leader. It really has its place in the LVMH family. Behind Rihanna, we have mobilized the energy of a talented and multicultural team, supported by the resources of our Group. I am proud that this House was created thanks to LVMH, and I wish it every success. »

The agreement between the president of LVMH and the international star is a new business model that has been welcomed as a real innovation by the players in the sector. For the first time, a woman is at the head of her own house at LVMH, a woman of color, and a woman who is at the same time inspiring, designer and manager!

Thibaut de La Rivière, director of Sup de Luxe, notes that we are here in what Dominique Cuvillier calls "the new luxuries" in his book "Le triomphe du luxe cool" published with Sup de Luxe. Built around new behaviours and purchasing desires, the luxury of today and tomorrow knows how to adapt and proves it. Thibaut de La Rivière also salutes the philanthropic qualities of the star who, with his association Believe, helps children in need all over the world and has attracted the attention of our president Emmanuel Macron.