Laetitia Wong

Student portrait - Laetitia Wong from the Online MBA

Laetitia Wong is a passionate of luxury and student of the Online MBA of Sup de Luxe. She explains us why she chose this program for her career in this industry.


Can you tell us about your professional background before joining Sup de Luxe?

I am a law graduate with a master’s degree in employment law from La Sorbonne and Paris-Descartes. During my studies, I worked part-time for luxury brands like Hermès and Céline. The luxury sector always held a special place in my heart so naturally, after my degree, I chose to combine academics and professional experience by working in HR at Le Bon Marché.


Why did you choose Sup de Luxe? 

I always aim for excellence, which is why I am so drawn to luxury - a sector where high standards are key. I chose to pursue an MBA in luxury management because I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the different functions behind the mechanics of a successful luxury business. So naturally, I chose Sup de Luxe because of the school’s impressive record and reputation. Sup de Luxe always holds the highest ranks in school classifications, so it is well-known by anyone interested in French luxury !


Why did you choose an online program for your MBA?

I wanted to be able to study and work at the same time. The online MBA is a flexible program - with a little bit of organisation, it is possible to do both. Since the program is online, the students attending the courses are from different countries, so our conversations are always very rich. An international point of view on luxury topics is always a plus. 


How has this training helped you achieve your professional project?

It has in fact helped me a great deal! Thanks to the quality of Sup de Luxe MBA courses, I have developed the skills necessary to secure my dream job in an amazing company, Icicle Paris. This company promotes slow fashion with such high standards in ecology and social welfare. As an HR Associate, I have the opportunity to work towards the realisation of Icicle’s vision by contributing on different topics of high interest, and with an amazing team of highly experienced professionals.


Thanks to Marie-France Véron, Isabelle Capron, Manuela Mendes Da Silva and Marvens François.


What can we wish you for the rest of your career?

I am passionate about employer brand management in luxury. I think the notion of “internal customer” is fundamental in HR, and particularly in our field. A brand’s goodwill depends, of course, on the customer’s image of the brand but we have to bear in mind that the employee is the first promoter of the brand. Luxury has to hold itself to the same standards of quality within and outside of the business. This goes through promoting a safe and attractive work environment - so you can wish me success in any endeavour towards this goal !


Explain your vision of luxury in a single sentence.

Luxury is the human creation which is closest to the dreaminess of magic.





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