Romain Dezaux, a 2005 MBA graduate in Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management, tells us about his professional career in the luxury sector at Richemont and Roger Dubuis since his graduation from Sup de Luxe to now...


Explain your experience at Sup de Luxe to us? Why did you choose our school?


The choice of Sup de Luxe was for me an obvious choice. After a business school in France, it seemed necessary to me to acquire the codes of an industry and a universe that had always fascinated me. The world of luxury, its demands, its stories, its permanent link with culture, know-how, craftsmanship and creativity. Sup de luxe allowed the acquisition of this knowledge, combined with the possibility of alternating between pedagogical teaching and professional life.


Tell us about your career and its evolution from school-leaving to today?


When I joined Sup de Luxe, I immediately had the opportunity to do an internship in parallel with my studies at Montblanc in France, part of the Richemont group. I have never since left this group, in which I have worked in houses, professions and geographies, working respectively at Montblanc, Baume and Mercier where I successively held positions as Managing Director for the Middle East markets in Dubai, then in Asia in Hong Kong, before joining Van Cleef & Arpels as Sales Director. I recently joined Roger Dubuis Watchmaking House as International Retail Director and member of the International Management Committee.

How your acquired skills have been useful to you for your career path?

Very early on, Sup de Luxe teaches the importance of the network, first by allowing students to meet professionals in the sector on a regular basis, but also by encouraging them to enrol in the professional world from the very beginning of the educational path. One of the Institute's strengths lies in the quality of its speakers, its address book and the strength of its network, including that of its alumni, which is constantly growing. Beyond the network, curiosity, requirement, rigour are all skills developed within Sup de Luxe that I have found throughout my career.

What can we wish you for the future?

The sometimes fragile art of successfully leading a professional life rich in encounters, challenges, responsibilities and an equally rich personal life, guaranteeing personal fulfilment for those who are dear to me.

What would you advise students to do?

Single advice: dare, dare, dare, dare.... The biggest risk in our lives would be not to take any...