Federica Roux

Portrait alumni - Federica Roux tells us about her career path

Federica Roux gave a lecture for all second year MBA students on the importance of being a customer-focused company.

"The unprecedented times we are living in today are radically transforming the way brands and consumers interact. In our workshop we will take a closer look at the consumer side, how consumers' expectations are changing and what luxury brands should be doing now to remain relevant and grow. »

She spoke about the Customer Experience, a new retail and omnichannel, and gave 5 inspiring luxury brand activations.

The session ended with a rich and interactive exchange of ideas and questions between Federica and the students.


Let's find out a little more about Federica Roux, 2007 MBA alumna of Sup de Luxe

Currently Director of Digital, Marketing and Communication at the Galeries Lafayette Group, within the Watches and Jewellery division, Federica was previously Marketing Manager at Richemont in Paris, then Retail and Communication Manager at The Watches of Switzerland Group in London, and then Head of Digital, Global Marketing and Public Relations at Swarovski in London.

During her international career, mainly focused on the "hard luxury" sector, i.e. the luxury watch and jewellery sector, she has developed a dual experience in brand strategy and retail, with a particular focus on digital and customer experience.



To find out more about her and her experience at Sup de Luxe, we asked her a few questions:


Why did you choose Sup de Luxe / EDC ?

I wanted a training programme of excellence in the most demanding sector. I don't regret my choice! I was also aware, even then and despite my very young age, of the importance of the network, and I knew that Sup de Luxe was known for offering a developed and powerful network, on which I never stopped relying.


What is your fondest memory of your training ?

The encounters I was able to make during this year that was so rich and intense. Professional and personal friendships that I will keep for the rest of my life.


How have the skills you acquired been useful for your professional career ?

I was really able to acquire the codes of luxury. This cultural background has allowed me to understand, integrate and then reposition the brands I've worked for. It's a unique and much sought-after know-how on the job market.


Tell us about your career path and how it has evolved, from leaving school to today ?

I joined the Richemont group as a trainee, thanks to Sup de Luxe. I still remember the evening when Thibaut de la Rivière announced the offer of an internship at this little-known Haute Horlogerie brand at the time, Panerai. That's how my adventure began. I was confirmed on a permanent contract, then I climbed the ladder very quickly to become Manager. My desire to go international then led me to move to London, where I discovered digital and omnichannel, with retail sales. Then I went to Swarovski, where I stayed for two years and came back to Paris to take charge of international marketing for the group's Watches and Jewellery department. And my adventure didn't stop there... teasing!


What can we wish you for the rest of your career ?

Be brave! My motto is the following: Life begins with a step out of your comfort zone...


Tell us your vision of luxury in one sentence.