Geek mais Chic, Le Bon Marché x Jennifer Cuvillier

Geek but Chic, Le Bon Marché x Jennifer Cuvillier

Jennifer Cuvillier, Fashion & Style Director of LE BON MARCHE RIVE GAUCHE, answers students' questions about the exhibition Geek mais Chic opened until 22 April 2019, accompanied by Anne-Sophie Dutat, digital lecturer at the Bachelor and Global MBA levels and in charge of the new MBA Online. With the Geek but chic exhibition, the cheap left bank welcomes new technologies with open arms.


Why did you choose this theme?

First, we wanted to surprise people with an unexpected project by introducing our customers to new technologies they may have heard about, but are not used to trying. Indeed, we are the first distributor to have had an exhibition with new technologies on this scale, it is something massive in the industry. The cheap left bank has a reputation for offering more exclusive and personalized products all the time. This time, we wanted to go further by offering not only products, but also new, entertaining and user-friendly interactive experiences. Have you selected the brands or brands that came to you with proposals and ideas? We asked some of the brands we work with, if they wanted to participate in the exhibition. We have created experiments and new technologies that customers may have heard of. We acted as if we were the customers. We do not want to disappoint them. We wanted to make sure that the experiences would be strong enough, but also new, entertaining, friendly and interactive; not just the same everywhere. How does the playful spirit of the cheap left bank express itself in the exhibition's scenography? We took inspiration from the pixels of computer screens and reinterpreted them in XXL dimensions. Their square shapes and bold colours - red, green, blue, blue, yellow and orange - form a bright mosaic path through the store. They are made of transparent polycarbonate, which creates effects of light, shadow and colour. How does the exhibition work so far? It works very well, it is very distinctive, customers appreciate it. They come with their families. It is visual and central, so it is very tempting. New technologies offer a new way to experience products differently, in a more intense, personal and unique way. They awaken all our senses - sight, hearing, smell, touch and even taste sometimes. The combination of these sensations creates new emotions. For example, there is always a line to try the Bodyfriend massage chair. Does the exhibition develop sales? Yes, as you can see and try the products before you buy them. In the industry, it's something massive that everyone talks about. It is a mixture for the industry because not only the big brands participate. The cheap did not ask for a creation, a collaboration, a specific collection with them, but decided to choose a digital experience. It allows brands to try it at the cheapest price first, then add it to their retail stores. This is an evolution for retail sales in terms of experience. How do new technologies revolutionize shopping? They allow you to experience products differently, in a more intense, personal and unique way. The combination of these sensations creates new emotions.