Luxe et pop culture : Un mix and match gagnant

Luxury and pop culture: A winning mix and match

From partnerships to exclusive collaborations, it is not new for luxury to flirt with diverse and varied universes, sometimes even opposite. However, accelerated by the pandemics, a need for proximity, transparency and disruptive and innovative communication is emerging. So from Hublot x DJ Snake, to Beyoncé and JAY- Z x Tiffany & Co. or Dom Pérignon x Lady Gaga, why and how are luxury brands doing to better seduce the new generation?


A future-oriented strategy 


Pop culture is a global expression on social networks, translating urban culture, fashion inspired by the street and a certain return to the 90s. And if a few years ago, to be trendy it was enough to bet on traditional universes and Hollywood stars, today the fashion is for personal branding, for muses with inspiring backgrounds and above all for true speech.

Through this engaged communication, global luxury brands wish to respond to the aspirations and expectations of millenials and generation Z, which, let's not forget, have been at the heart of marketing issues for several years. To achieve this, they are adopting disruptive collaborative strategies to keep their "must have" culture alive. With the help of intuitive applications, shows mixing 3D and Snapchat filters, art in all its forms, streetwear, or even more surprisingly, immersions in "gamification". 

Indeed, for the last two years, the big brands and companies have been competing with each other to make a place for themselves in the virtual world and online games. And what could be more representative of pop culture than video games? Bringing with them a great interaction and a unique proximity, they are the new spearhead of luxury. 

The latest news is proof of this: the collaboration between Balenciaga and Fortnite, the successful video game for the under 30s. We discover four "skins" (characters of the game) entirely stylized by Balenciaga. New accessories, unique coverings and a great work of three-dimensional mesh to highlight the textures and volumes, nothing was left to chance to immerse the brand in this universe so special. Another mix of genres: the partnership between the Dom Pérignon Champagne house and Lady Gaga. Aiming to celebrate freedom of expression and creativity, the campaign unveils a fairy tale video, where the celebritry evolves between imagination and futuristic design. The video features limited edition bottles and a sculpture designed by Lady Gaga herself. Still in the news, Hublot has co-created a watch with Dj Snake, the most streamed French artist and DJ in the world. Mixing genres, decomplexion and reinvented codes, creative genius seems to be the best ally of luxury. 



A link of proximity to be reinvented  


A powerful shift for luxury, but also a need to connect with a new customer base. According to The GuardianGucci achieves 55% of its sales among people under 35. A significant market that requires constant adaptation, but also and above all a vision of luxury that is more democratic, less exclusionary and more in tune with the progressive ideals and ethical sensitivity of the new generation. Alessandro Michele, Gucci's artistic director, recently revealed that he consults a "council of millennials" under the age of 30 to guide him in his decisions. More than represented, the new generation is now definitely embodied.

Another example of diversity and proximity but also a new way of using various platforms and getting involved: Miu Miu and its "Women's Tales" launched in 2011, aiming to highlight young emerging directors and inviting female directors to celebrate women through short films. 

As Thibaut de La Rivière, director of Sup de Luxe, testifies: "Through popular culture, new codes and new channels are being adapted: the identity of brands is no longer fixed, but must be perpetually reinvented in order to continue to amaze a new generation of customers".



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