Fashion week, le grand boom de la digitalisation !

Fashion week, the great boom of digitalization!

In recent years, there has been a growing presence of Fashion shows on the net. And today, Covid-19 has been a real accelerator, disrupting the system and pushing the actors of Fashion Week to rethink the organization of their shows.

Fashion Weeks

Shanghai Fashion Week goes live. It will take place during the week of March 24th to 30th, and in association with the Market Place Tmall of the giant Alibaba. Brands will be able to present their collections with the possibility of "See now, Buy now" offering online sales. Purchases will be made remotely and will be supported by live, videoconferences or photos. The Chanel house will even send out books with fabric extracts so that buyers can touch the fabrics.


At the Paris Fashion Week, in the group LVMH, Celine was very successful for her online show, more than 800,000 people followed her live despite the time difference, which offered a simultaneous broadcast at 3:30 am in Shanghai, and 1.2 million people saw the show in replay the following weekend. At Dior, stylist Maria Grazia Chiuri herself recorded a live broadcast message before the start of the show to support the teams, clients and journalists who were unable to attend Paris Fashion Week.



With digital, fashion is becoming more and more democratic and luxury brands have totally adopted the net in their communication. According to Launchmetrics, "brands are getting closer to consumers who are consolidating their relationship with them while satisfying their interests".


The big winner? Instagram... And through him, fashionistas from all over the world and the clients of these increasingly innovative brands. Instagram has become the showcase of the fashion world. Based on visuals, this social network has become the key player in the fashion industry which is becoming more and more digitalized. And today, everything is changing, the fashion world, once so closed, is opening its doors to a wide audience. Fashion Week live is offered on almost all Instagram luxury accounts. You attend the show as if you were there, with the added bonus of access to the backstage area. A great deal for brands that don't just use Instagram to showcase and communicate their latest collections. It's the madness of exclusive and unpublished hashtags, content with interviews with designers, stylists or models, and even the creation of applications to follow the shows live with superb exclusive images before, during and after the show! Very popular with fashion editors and influencers, Balmain has created a great application to give its audience access to the brand's backstage, with augmented reality content, reruns of the shows and even live broadcasts.


Influencer take over

Digitalization, the place of influencers! At the front row of the parades, there were the stars and the journalists. Today, when the catwalk is not only digital, more and more influencers are also on Front Row invited by the biggest names in fashion. Influencers are also widely speaking out, they are the ones who ensure huge media coverage on the net and give access to unique moments of Fashion Week. It's a way for brands to reach an increasingly large audience, to share events with other communities, and of course to communicate.


As Thibaut de La Rivière, director of Sup de Luxe, points out, "The possibility of buying live by following Fashion Week is a new process that could merge with the issues of our ecosystem and our carbon footprint. »