Clara Filippi

Student portrait - Clara Filippi, Maison Clara Carmen

Clara Filippi is a third year student in the Bachelor of Luxury and an entrepreneur! In parallel to her studies, she created Maison Clara Carmen, a brand born from a vision of comfort and elegance in our homes.

She tells us about her journey as a student entrepreneur.

Tell us about your experience at Sup de Luxe. Why did you choose our school?

When I moved to Paris after living in Morocco for six years, I discovered the French culture of luxury and all its codes: "The French art de vivre".  At the same time, more and more large groups such as L'Oréal were developing on my home continent, Africa, by recruiting professionals from the sector. Most of the managers recruited were therefore of African origin and had benefited from a mix of cultures. I had great admiration for their backgrounds and immediately identified with them. 

So it seemed obvious to me to join this world, through the best school in the sector, Sup de Luxe. It was a great first immersion in the heart of this world.


What is your fondest memory of your Sup de Luxe experience?

My fondest memory is the little competition in the digital course in which we had to create a brand and its entire online image development strategy. With my team, we conceptualised the brand Secrets D'Origines, a skincare and cosmetics brand inspired by the secrets of Africa, from which we all came via different countries. A real mix of cultures that won us this beautiful challenge.

We had really projected ourselves and it was a beautiful feeling of union.

My best experience at Sup de Luxe.


Can you tell us about your career and its evolution from the time you left school to the present day?

In my particular situation, I created my company in parallel with my studies, which I am still doing. My real evolution and what makes me happy now is to have a clear vision of my short and medium term goals before I graduate.


Clara Filippi



How have your acquired skills been useful for your professional career?

The various courses I received at Sup de Luxe enabled me to be versatile enough to set up my project on my own at the beginning. Of course, I surrounded myself with professionals, each of whom was a specialist in their field, without feeling lost.

Having notions in marketing as well as in law and accounting allowed me not to forget any steps in the creation of the brand, to make strategic choices and to be able to assert my vision with more confidence.


Why did you choose to launch your brand?

The launch of my brand is linked to my personality and my vision for the future, whether it is for me or my country of origin. Being creative and bold by nature, I needed to give myself a chance. Young high-end or luxury brands from African designers are emerging. There are real opportunities to be seized and a solid network to be built from the start. I think it's about being in the right place at the right time with the right people.

In my personal context, the right time was now.

I knew that continuing with my studies on a conventional path would not suit me. So I had to get started before I was quickly dragged down by what happened next.

What is the concept and ambitions of your brand?

With Aurélie Roux as our first ambassador, Clara Carmen was born from a vision of comfort and elegance in our homes. Because there is no place more precious than home. Sunny and refined, she offers a first collection named Ramyanne, which will take you on a journey through :

  • Refined homewear
  • Personalised silk pyjamas and bathrobes
  • Home fragrances 100% handmade on the beautiful island of Bali

The ambitions of the house are in the near future, the opening of a showroom as well as the relocation of all its production in my country of origin, Cameroon. I want to reinforce the values and identity of the company and be close to my customers.


Clara Filippi



What is the latest news from your company?

Currently, the brand is preparing its arrival in Cameroon while remaining present in France with its first digital event planned for the end of the year.


What can we wish you for the future of your career?

To be in the right place at the right time with the right people! And to never give up.


Tell us your vision of luxury in one sentence.

For me, luxury is a feeling of uniqueness and distinction, provided by the details and rarity of an object or experience.


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