Recruitment: luxury professions offer good prospects

Recruitment: luxury professions offer good prospects

Luxury professions that are recruiting

The world of luxury and fashion is immense, especially when one ventures beyond France. Having studied in the capital of luxury, graduates of luxury schools in Paris enjoy a special status that opens the doors to a large number of professions. Discover these luxury professions that are currently recruiting the most.



Head of department, a luxury job that transcends fields

Accessible to holders of a Bachelor's degree in Luxury, the job of department manager is above all that of coordinator between the stock managers and the department heads. Surrounded by a team recruited and trained by him/her, the department manager is also responsible for ensuring that product prices are consistent or that supplies are in order. He/she ensures that the brand stays ahead of the competition while achieving the set sales figures. This luxury job is for those who want to be given a lot of responsibility!


Luxury boutique manager

Those who have an MBA in Luxury Management can go on to become a luxury boutique manager. They will have to ensure the commercial unity of their store by offering prestigious collections to a clientele with high purchasing power. Jewelry, leather goods, cosmetics, wines and many other products may be involved, either exclusively or as part of a varied range. The sales force is in the spotlight here, and a luxury school in Paris such as Sup de Luxe will prepare you perfectly. Elegance and foreign language skills are a must!


Supply Chain Manager

This luxury profession, which is also known as Logistics Engineer and Supply Production Leader, is open to holders of an MBA in Luxury Management. The company needs this supply chain specialist to take charge of its management strategy. An effective response is thus provided to customer expectations in terms of quality and punctuality. An expert in the flow of information and goods, the Supply Chain Manager is generally a graduate of the most prestigious luxury schools in Paris.


Manager Luxury

This title is a bit more generic and covers a large number of possibilities in the luxury industry. In the sector, managers must maintain the reputation of their brand while playing an organizational role. They motivate their teams and instill in them a passion: that of satisfying their customers and facilitating their loyalty. The Manager specialized in luxury ensures that professionalism is maintained in all circumstances and that all the rules of the house are given the attention they deserve.


Purchasing Manager

As a future purchasing manager in the luxury goods industry, the ideal candidate must demonstrate excellent negotiation and management skills. The focus is on the company's profits as well as the company's brand image to achieve a perfect balance between the two. The purchasing manager must therefore be in perfect harmony with the requirements of the management.


Director of Public Relations

Without effective promotion, it is impossible to maintain a good brand image. The role of the public relations director is to ensure this permanent dialogue between the company he works for and the rest of the luxury world. He or she must juggle different communication channels and have a great command of social media. People with experience as a public relations or communications officer are often preferred for such positions. However, depending on the company, excellent knowledge in marketing, communication or journalism may be preferred.

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