Chaire Le Figaro / Sup de Luxe : Témoignage de la lauréate

Le Figaro Chair / Sup de Luxe: Testimony of the winner

I wanted to compete for the Le Figaro Chair / Sup de Luxe scholarship and internship, because beyond the exceptional interest of the amount of the scholarship, it represents an opportunity to discover and understand the rapidly changing digital press sector. When I read the proposed creative subject, I wanted to move towards an atypical luxury brand, which is also in the process of changing. I developed a 360° communication for the Loro Piana brand, creating an interaction between the different digital tools of today.

This work allowed me to be one of the 4 files selected and to be invited to meet Mr Bruno Dutel, Director of Human Resources, and Mrs Katia Sanerot, Deputy Editor at Madame, for a final selection interview.


After deliberation by the various juries, the director of the Institut Supérieur de Marketing du Luxe informed me that I was the winner of the Le Figaro / Sup de Luxe 2013 Chair.


I started my internship as Assistant Project Manager at FigaroMedias with Mrs Elsa Vergne and Mrs Katia Sanerot.


I will do my utmost to honour this exceptional opportunity and thank Le Figaro and Sup de Luxe.


- Angelique Lelong