MSc Gloobal Champagne 2024

Immersion in the world of Lallement Massonnot champagne

Immersion in the world of Lallement Massonnot champagne

Last Friday, MSc Global students had the privilege of enjoying a unique experience at the estate of the Lallement Massonnot family, the famous champagne house.

Hosted by l'EDC Paris Business School, graduates Marie Lallement and Xavier Lallement, the students were plunged into the fascinating world of champagne.

Divided into two groups, they first explored the cooperative production site. During the tour, they discovered the secrets of champagne production, from harvesting to bottling, including the crucial stages of fermentation and ageing. The students were also fascinated by the vats, a central element in the production process.

A captivating presentation then illuminated their understanding of the history and traditions that make champagne such a unique and prestigious beverage. They learned how this sparkling beverage has established itself as a symbol of luxury and refinement through the centuries.

Finally, the long-awaited moment of tasting* arrived. The students had the opportunity to taste different cuvées of champagne, each with its own characteristics and flavours. A true gustatory voyage that delighted the taste buds and allowed the students to appreciate the diversity and richness of champagne.

This educational visit was a real success. Many thanks to Thibaut de la Rivière, President of Sup de Luxe, and Adriana Congiu, Head of the MSc program, for organizing this enriching event. The warm hospitality of Marie and Xavier Lallement, as well as their passion and expertise, helped make this an unforgettable experience for the students!

*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.

A collaboration that lasts over time, a video from Semianire 2022.