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"Grands Témoins" conference : Géraldine Dobey at Cartier

"Grands Témoins" conference : Géraldine Dobey at Cartier

As part of their second year of the MBA program, our students had the exceptional privilege of meeting a leading figure in the hotel industry: Geraldine Dobey, Director of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group in Paris, Geneva and Marrakech. The event took place during a Grands Témoins conference at Cartier, providing a prestigious backdrop to the meeting.

Géraldine Dobey, with her experience and expertise in the field, shared enriching perspectives on service excellence and management within a palace. The students had the unique opportunity to benefit from her know-how, gaining practical knowledge and valuable insights into the complex workings of the luxury hotel industry.

The dynamic exchange that took place during the conference enabled students to ask pertinent questions, deepen their understanding of the sector and discover the challenges and opportunities that characterize the fascinating world of hospitality. Géraldine Dobey not only shared captivating anecdotes from her professional career, but also offered insightful advice on managing teams, creating a service-oriented culture and navigating a competitive market.

Participants were enthusiastic about the unique opportunity to engage in dialogue with such an eminent industry figure. The lessons learned from this meeting go beyond the theories taught in class, and open a window onto the dynamic and stimulating reality of the upscale hotel sector.

Hospitality, luxury and customer experience were at the heart of the discussions, underlining the importance of these aspects to the success of a renowned establishment. The students learned about the importance of a holistic approach, combining operational excellence, creativity and a deep understanding of customer needs.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Géraldine Dobey for her loyalty and commitment to our program. Her willingness to share her knowledge with our students every year is a testament to her generosity and desire to contribute to the training of future leaders in the hospitality industry. 

Take a look back at this year's conference with two students, Louise Ginioux and Yanhua Yao.

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