Education to work in the perfume industry

Promoting mythical fragrances, evolving in the world of luxury and fragrances... Many candidates want to join the prestigious world of perfumery and perfume. Between targeted knowledge, necessary experience and available opportunities, discover how to work in the heart of this world that makes you dream.


What jobs in the perfume industry?

French luxury and perfumes are often associated with sophistication and distinction. Fragrances can evoke positive emotions, play on nostalgia and above all, they are the object of real expertise and are often emblematic products of luxury houses, a perfect extension of their identity. But while fragrances are at the heart of the industry, there are also a number of associated products and markets. Indeed, the world of perfumery is also linked to that of cosmetics in general. Marketing strategy, sales management, retail or design, the jobs in perfumery are varied and recruitment is on the rise. Here are some positions of responsibility that are constantly evolving:


  • Perfumer

Often also called a "nose", a perfumer is a person who creates fragrances by working closely with chemists and marketing experts. The role of the perfumer is to develop unique fragrances that respond to market trends and consumer preferences.


  • Fragrance marketing and sales

Fragrance marketing and sales is the business of promoting and selling fragrances through various marketing and sales channels. Activities may include market research, planning product launch strategies, creating advertising campaigns, setting up promotional events, training sales staff to present products effectively and monitoring sales to evaluate results. Professionals may work for fragrance brands, retailers or marketing agencies.


  • Fragrance brand manager

A fragrance brand manager is responsible for the brand strategy and product portfolio management for a fragrance brand. He or she may develop marketing strategies to launch new products and work with designers. Key skills for this position include a solid knowledge of the fragrance industry, an excellent understanding of the target market and experience in marketing and brand management.


Why work in the perfume industry?

There are several reasons why perfumery is an attractive field:

  • Stable employment and active recruitment
  • Career opportunities in sales, range design and fragrance creation.
  • Opportunities to work for prestigious brands.
  • A chance to interact with customers and help them find the right product for them.
  • A stimulating and creative environment.


Which diploma to work in a perfumery?

To work in the luxury goods and perfume sector, it is advisable to follow a course in sales, marketing or international trade, in order to develop skills in sales and strategy and to stand out.

This is illustrated by the MBA Online – Luxury Management in the Digital Ageoffered by Sup de Luxe. This unique distance learning course aims to train professionals in the luxury sector. In particular, it allows students to :

  • Study while being professionally active.
  • Access and benefit from the best professors in the luxury industry.
  • Collaborate and interact with students from around the world.

It can also be beneficial to develop networking and establish a network with suppliers of perfumes or cosmetics. It is also important to note that knowledge of fragrances and perfumery trends is essential for success in this field.