Champagne, space travel and soon hotel business... Luxury takes a big leap into space to propose innovations that will accompany the wildest travellers!
Because luxury has no limits, Thibaut de la Rivière, director of Sup de Luxe, is happy to share with you the development of these exceptional adventures in full expansion.

Tasting in weightlessness!
Champagne bubbles lighter than ever, that's what Maison Mumm offers with its special cuvée, Grand Cordon Stellar. To meet tomorrow's tourism, space tourism, Mumm has devised an event tasting ritual, in partnership with the Spade agency, space experts. 3 years of research and development to offer a unique bottle that defies the laws of gravity... This performance was rewarded with the Grand Prix Stratégies du Design 2019.

Specially designed for weightlessness tasting, the bottle uses the gas from the champagne to expel the wine into a ring where it concentrates in a cluster of bubbles. Floating in the air, these bubbles are then served in the flutes provided for this purpose.

For Octave de Gaulle, founder of the Spade agency, weightlessness was a unique opportunity to rethink tasting: "We didn't approach weightlessness as a constraint, but as a creative opportunity".

For Didier Mariotti, cellar master of Mumm, "The effect is very surprising, with the weightlessness, the wine instantly covers the entire palate and enhances the taste sensations".

Maison Mumm has not only thought about the space tourists of tomorrow, but also about the passengers of parabolic flights that stimulate weightlessness, such as those organized by the company Novespace. Mumm can already count on a first clientele and has the ambition to make this revolutionary tasting experience accessible.

Space travel!
If Mumm is proposing his new vintage, it is because space travel is becoming a topical issue. 5 million visitors are expected in space by 2030. The first tourists had been on board the international space station since the early 2000s for the astronomical price of $20 million! But the real niche is the suborbital flight where more and more companies are positioning themselves: Virgin Galactic, founded by Richard Branson, will offer 8 passengers to fly in weightlessness in its SpaceShipTwo, Blue Origin launched by Jeff Bezos boss of Amazon or XCOR Aerospace young startup created by Jeff Greason... not to mention the orbital flight proposed by Elon Musk CEO of Tesla.

First hotel in space!
It's scheduled for 2022! Californian company Orion Span has developed its future luxury hotel Aurora Station, which will allow a few hyper-privileged people to experience the exhilaration of gravity and contemplate extraordinary panoramas. It will welcome 6 people who will be able to tour the world in 90 minutes, they will have the chance to admire 16 daily sunrises and sunsets, will be able to fly over their favorite cities.... A stay in a 42 square metre hotel for the price of $9.5 million.